Solar Phone Charger: Specs

Quickly recharge your phone with this pocket-sized solar-powered charge.

July 19, 2019 1 min read

Solar Phone Charger: Specs

This Solar Cell Phone Charger is the perfect companion for any outdoor adventure because of its rubber water resistant, dustproof, shock proof, drop resistant and non-slip outer shell. Included with this product is a built in emergency LED torch, LED charge display, and hidden dual USB/micro charging port. 

It supports iPhones, Android phones, GPS devices, and cameras


  1. Color: Black
  2. Charging Time: 4 - 5 days of full sun
  3. Includes an emergency LED torch and hidden dual USB/micro charging ports
  4. Built-in 20 Wh lithium polymer battery
  5. 0.2 W monocrystalline solar panel
  6. Shockproof rubber exterior provides a non-slip surface
  7. LED light-up to display charge level
  8. Includes USB power charging cord for non-solar charging
  9. Includes black carabiner for portability

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