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    Become a Solar Chef.

    Would you, or someone you know, like to run the World's First Solar Café ?


    Let the Sun and the fresh air welcome enter the kitchen.


    Everything runs on Solar Power and battery storage


    Bake, boil, or fry foods for a wide variety of flavors.

    Compact and Portable

    Move from site to site with ease, pop-up in minutes

    Let's set an example together.

    As you'll see in the video below, this café concept was born about five years ago, thanks to Chef José Andrés and World Central Kitchen.  We made three GoSun Stations for the event and fed hundreds of people throughout the weekend in Las Vegas. 

    Video title

    It's time for a Solar Café.

    it is time to build solar powered, pop-up cafes where patrons can remain outdoors, physically distant and chefs can set up with minimal infrastructure and costs.

    The sky is not the limit

    This being the first of its kind, there will be design, details and plenty of work between GoSun and the Selected Team, to create something long lasting and locally appropriate.  Here are some concept sketches of pop-up, solar café trailers: 

    4 Trends that Support Solar Cafés

    Physical distancing

    During the COVID-19 pandemic, it helps to keep your distance.


    Outdoor seating and pedestrian only urban areas.

    Renewable Energy

    More examples of sustainability to address climate change.

    Food Trucks

    Pop-up cafes with great food and environment.

    Details and recommendations.

    1. GoSun recommends a modest menu, targeting a high-value, 3-star meal instead of a white tablecloth, 5-star experience.
    2. Ideal location would be in sunny areas (minimal obstruction from trees or buildings) to maximize year-round open hours. In the US, this could be: Colorado, Nevada, Arizona, Southern California, Florida, Texas, etc
    3. Applicants with good market demographics and previous restaurant management and marketing experience are given preference.
    4. Some on-site infrastructure would be helpful, including: fresh water supply, waste water management, electricity

    GoSun Supplies

    • Start-up capital towards initial launch for team, rent and food
    • Loan of Commercial Solar Kitchen Set-up on wheels includes: hybrid solar ovens, solar power, lighting, refrigeration
    • Design and Engineering for site-specific needs

    Selected Team Supplies

    • Menu and Recipes
    • Seating and Umbrellas
    • Water supply and wastewater management
    • Prep and Serving Gear
    • Hiring and team management
    • Location with one-year lease

    General Guidelines

    • Negotiation with GoSun to determine ownership structure
    • Joint marketing efforts
    • Licensed use of GoSun brand name
    • Additional opportunity to merchandise

    Apply today.

    Please take 10-20 minutes to answer the following to the best of your ability.  Thanks for your interest in Pioneering the Fuel-Free Frontier!

    Thanks for your interest in the Fuel-Free Frontier!
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