Tsunami 500

Air to Water Generator

When water is scarce, extracting moisture found in the air is an immediate solution. Each modular Tsunami 500 can produce up to 200 gallons of fresh water per day. Perfect for home or small business, Tsunami, first creates then delivers potable water to your storage tank, appliance or dispenser, with nothing but a 240VAC electrical connection.

Weight & Dimensions

Tsunami 500


850 lb, (385 kg)


42" x 42" x 90" (1 x 1 x 2.3 m)

Tech Specs

Tsunami 500


70000 BTU Scroll

Power source

AC(230 Volts ±10%)

Water production

Potential: 204 US Gal / 773 L PER DAY*

*Estimated at 85°F / 29.4°C and relative humidity (RH) of 80%. As ambient temperature and RH change, so does water production.

Internal Water Storage Capacity

30 US Gallons

Air Filtration

High-efficiency multilayer Poly-fiber — washable & reusable

Water Filtration

Multi-stage: polypropylene, charcoal, Ultra Violet light


R410 (Standard)

Rated Volage AC

230 Volts ±10%


50/60 Hz


Single Phase

Amperage Range at Rated Voltage

Run current range: 15 to 25 Amps (dependent on ambient temperature)

Min Breaker: 30A 2-pole

In the Box

Tsunami 500


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Water On Demand

Atmospheric water generation works anywhere, mimicking conditions inside a cloud

Ultra-Pure Water

The multi-stage filtration process produces the highest quality drinking water


Systems can be expanded to meet the fresh water needs of any facility

Water is life.

GoSun is focused on helping you thrive on a changing planet. While droughts are becoming more common and devastating, Tsunami is built to answer immediate water needs.

Plug & use

No assembly required, easy to install, and delivered ready for use

Self-contained & weatherproof

Custom-designed enclosure protects from exposure to the elements & unauthorized access

1-year standard warranty

Similar to all GoSun products, plus an extended warranty is available upon request, conditions apply

20+ year lifespan

Built in the USA with high-quality parts and materials, the unit is built to last & requires extremely low maintenance

How to make fresh water from air

1. Air Intake

Atmospheric Water Generators (AWGs) extract water from humidity in the air. Moist ambient air is pulled into the Tsunami® unit by fans. A multi-layer air filter removes dust, pollen, and other airborne particles.

2. Water Extraction

Next, the air is drawn through a series of condensing coils, where water vapor is cooled down sufficiently to reach the dew point. This converts water vapor into droplets. Water is then extracted and collected into a storage tank.

3. Water Purification

Collected water is purified through a multi-stage filtration system, where all the possible impurities and pathogens are removed. At this point water is completely pure and safe to drink. What's more: unlike tap water, it's chemical free.

Inside the technology

Additionally, this product uses the Tsunami Core Technology™ - a special patented extraction chamber with a range of features that force water condensation, resulting in greater output. Several proprietary improvements dramatically enhance the process of water extraction, allowing  Tsunami® units to achieve greater energy efficiency. Atmospheric water generators work best in high humidity and warm climates, however, they are able to produce water in a wide variety of conditions. 


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