Introducing the Sport-E

World's Fastest Solar Oven Now Cooks At Night

After nearly a decade and over 50,000 solar ovens sold, GoSun’s original, most popular Sport solar oven has been re-invented. Now with an integrated 12Volt heating element the cooking doesn’t have to stop in bad weather, indoors, or at night.

The Sport has been a pleasure to use. Straight out of the box, we have been producing a steady stream of meals ranging from sourdough muffins to a classic potato and bacon bake - Kris V

Cook Without Limits

Introducing the Sport-E Solar Oven, a solar oven that can cook with the power of the sun or electricity. No gas, charcoal or propane needed. Soon to be available in a fully-electric version, this portable solar oven allows you to cook anytime, anywhere.

Fast and Versatile

The Sport-E Solar Oven has a micro printed circuit heat film system that draws only 80 Watts of power. It allows for cooking essentially anything - even at night. This NASA inspired polyimide film gets its power from GoSun's Power Packs, or any 12 volt battery.