SolarTable Pro
SolarTable Pro
SolarTable Pro
SolarTable Pro
SolarTable Pro
SolarTable Pro
SolarTable Pro
SolarTable Pro

SolarTable Pro

Charge & Power

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A PowerPlant disguised as a folding camp table, the SolarTable Pro has everything you need to make and store power and charge your devices. This 120 watt solar array of tough, tempered glass folds into a padded Carrying Case to travel with you on your outdoor adventure. Adjust the table's angle to optimize solar production, plus it can be set to three heights.
Bundle Includes: SolarTable 120, Power266, Table Carrying Case, and Combiner Cord
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Adjustable height

Charge your devices with the Sun

Designed to recharge the optional Power 266 powerbank, the SolarTable 120's lightweight aluminum frame folds into a portable package that is easy to carry and store.


- Works under clouds

- Set to three table heights

- Tough tempered glass

- lightweight aluminum frame

- Easy to carry and store

Recharge with ease

Recharge Power 266 from several power sources through its built-in MPPT charging circuit: 1) from a wall socket through the included AC Adapter (9 hours) 2) through USB-C PD (4 hours) or 3) from optional Solar Panels (in as little as 4 hours)

Power for your devices

Power laptops, phones, drones, cameras, lights, action, fans, CPAP machines, etc. an adjustable DC outlet ranges from 12 to 24 Volts to match your device’s needs. Plus, a 12V cigarette port (world's most common port) provides up to 15Amps of current.

Join the Fuel Free Frontier

Harness the Sun’s power better than ever, taking generators, extension cords and gas out of the equation.

SolarTable 120:

25 lbs (11 kg)

Open - 48" x 28" x 19.25"
Closed - 29" x 26" x 5"

Cable length
1.5 meters


4.8 lbs (2 kg)

11" x 10" x 3"

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