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Electric Boat

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The ultimate family-fun and affordable boat. Elcat Electric Boat is a revolutionary electric boat that can take you further, faster, and with less energy. Powered by a high-performance 3HP electric motor, the Elcat consumes 90% less energy than traditional motorboats. Streamlined design allows it to effortlessly glide over the water. Carry up to 6 passengers or over 1,000 LBS. 

All Inflatable Hull made of Durable MSL (Monocoque Structural Laminate) double wall drop-stitch fusion technology, makes this boat as tough as carbon fiber but lighter. Made in Europe and CE Certified. 

WARRANTY:Year Boat Hull | 2 Year Electric Motor | Optional 3 Year Accidental Damage Product Protection 

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All Electric All Electric
Low Maintenance Low Maintenance
Upgrade With Solar Upgrade With Solar

Weight & Dimensions

14’ 8"L x 7’ 8“W x 6‘ 5”H

Stowed Size:
4' x 2' x 2'

Total Floor Area:
86 sq ft

Weight (Without Motor):

Weight (With Motor):

Tech Specs

- Boat -

Material: PVC
Material Construction: DWF/Drop Stitch
Max PSI: 7
Max PSI Seats: 2.5
Inflatable Sections: 4
Inflatable Seats: 2

- Motor -

Fuel Type: Electric / Solar
Outboard Motor: e-Propulsion Spirit Plus 1.0 / 3 HP
Max Speed: 6 mph
Range on Full Charge: 22 - 50 Miles
Run Time (variable): 2 - 8 HR
Range with Solar: Extended/Variable
Motor Weight: 30 lbs
Transom Max Capacity: 55 lbs
Battery Weight: 19.2 lbs
Power Output: 1276 wH
Battery Recharge Time: 8 hrs
Tiller Control: Yes
Battery Type: Li-ion Polymer
Input Volt: 39 - 60 V
Shaft Length: Long
Motor: Brushless DC
Trim Tilt Angle: 0°, 7°, 14°, 21° / 70°
Propeller: 11″ × 5.8″ 2-Blade Composite Propeller

What's included

Boat: Elcat Inflatable Boat
Electric Motor: E-Propulsion Electric Motor, 1.3 kW Long Shaft
Battery: Lithium Ion 1276 Wh / 48 V
Accessories: Swim Ladder, Transom, High Flow Air Pump, High-Pressure Air Pump

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Rental Operators

Interested in adding to an existing rental fleet or building your own and seeing an ROI in as little as six weeks? Find more information by clicking the link below!

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The Elcat is designed to be easy to set up, with one person able to inflate and assemble it in about 15-20 minutes. With an easy push/pull to steer and a twist of the throttle, the ePropulsion electric tiller-steer outboard makes it simple for anyone, young or old, to operate.

The Elcat is made with durable, drop-stitched PVC construction and is designed to be as tough as carbon fiber but lighter. It features a strong inflatable hull that reduces the risk of damage from dock collisions. The electric motor and solar power system require very little maintenance compared to traditional gas-powered boats. Even routine cleaning and care is simple and easy!

The Elcat is an eco-friendly electric boat with zero direct emissions from its operation. The optional solar charging kit utilizes solar panels to help recharge the battery and extend the range, reducing the need for charging from external power sources. The electric motor is virtually silent, allowing for a peaceful experience on the water without noise pollution. As an inflatable boat, the Elcat Splash has a relatively small environmental footprint compared to traditional rigid-hull boats.

Absolutely, the Elcat is a versatile platform that can accommodate various water activities beyond just cruising. The large open deck area provides ample space for fishing, and the stability of the catamaran design makes it an excellent fishing platform. The electric motor's quiet operation is also ideal for fishing, as it doesn't scare away marine life. With its weight capacity of 1,300 lbs, the Elcat Splash can accommodate fishing gear, coolers, and other equipment. Customers have also used the Elcat Splash for activities like snorkeling, diving, and water sports by taking advantage of its stability and spacious deck.