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Hybrid Solar Oven

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Breakthrough Hybrid Solar Oven that can cook at night. Harness the Sun to cook food during the day and/or use 12V electricity to cook at night or indoors. Cook fuel-free meals in 20 minutes to feed two people. Vacuum insulated oven is cool to touch on outside while oven temps remains 350°F.  Plug into any 12 volt DC power source or a GoSun Power Bank. Package includes Carrying Case, 8 x Silicone Trays, and Powercord.

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World's Favorite Solar Oven Just Got Better

Easy to Use

Unfold, load with food, point towards sun or plug into 12V

Cook Anywhere, Anytime

Sport-E takes 20 minutes to cook a meal at 350°F, rain or shine

Solar + 12V Hybrid Vacuum-Insulated Oven

Day - Night

Solar - Electric

A solar oven that cooks day and night, and is the world’s most efficient electric stove. This 7lb (3kg) compact oven is more convenient than a traditional grill, and it's much safer, cleaner and easier.

Electric Cooking

12 volt DC is the most common port in the world. Every car built since the 1950’s gives you the ability to cook with its auxiliary power outlet or "cigarette plug". Add our two pound lithium ion battery, Power144, for a complete oven on your shoulder.

Steam. Broil. Bake. Roast. Fry.

Cook just about anything - from simple to gourmet. No fuel, no flames, just the juiciest and tastiest food you'll ever make, using the sun.

All-weather performance.

Rain, clouds, snow? No problem. When in solar mode, if you can see a shadow, the Sport-E will give you a warm, sizzling meal. Now, with 12V electric cooking, the fun never stops.

Sport-E Comparison

Cleanest Cooking Ever.

No burning, no mess. Enjoy the finest in fuel-free. Plus, meals stay hot and juicy for hours thanks to vacuum insulation.

Temp tuned to 350°F

Exterior is cool to touch

The sun is not the limit

GoSun Sport-E is built to go with you on the adventure. The legs (which become handles) and reflectors protect the durable Pyrex glass oven when folded into a compact, 7 lb (3kg) seven pound system. Best of all, the vacuum oven lasts for 30 years, and can easily be replaced.

7 lbs

29" x 12" x 6"

40 oz

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