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Hybrid Solar Oven

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Breakthrough Hybrid Solar Oven that can cook at night. Harness the Sun to cook food during the day and/or use 12V electricity to cook at night or indoors. Cook fuel-free meals in 20 minutes to feed two people. Vacuum insulated oven is cool to touch on outside while oven temps remains 350°F.  Plug into any 12 volt DC power source or a GoSun Power Bank. Package includes Carrying Case, 8 x Silicone Trays, and Powercord.

Hybrid 12V + Solar Oven Hybrid 12V + Solar Oven
Easy to Use Easy to Use
20 Minutes to Meal 20 Minutes to Meal

Weight & Dimensions

7 lbs

29" x 12" x 6"

40 oz

Tech Specs

Meals per load

Max temp

Works under clouds

Works at night

Power source
Sun / Electric 12V DC input

What's included

Solar Oven
Electric Hybrid Cooking Tray
Cleaning Brush
Solar Dial
Power Cord
Carrying Case
Silicone Baking Cups (8)

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Best Selling Solar Oven

The GoSun Sport was our first invention and gave the company its mojo. Now, after selling thousands, we've listened and made the Sport even better. The Sport-E includes crowd favorite accessories (carrying case, silicone cups, etc) and the 12V electric heater is optimally tuned to 350°F.

Best Selling Solar Oven

Easy to use

Unfold, load with food, point towards Sun or plug into 12V

Meals in minutes

Reliably cooks a meal for two in just 20 minutes

Compact & Portable

Legs and reflectors fold up to protect and carry

Hybrid Solar + 12V

Cook directly with the Sun or with electric from car, boat, RV, or battery



The Sport-E can either use direct sunlight to cook food, or it can be plugged in to any 12V source for cooking at night or when sunlight is limited.

Even while cooking, the tube stays cool to the touch. Safe for the entire family.

Yes, the only item not included is food!

The Sport-E is ideal for 2-3 people

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