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EV Solar Charger Deposit

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Solar Self-Charger

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EST. FULL PRICE $2,999* Early Birds are guaranteed best price and first delivery.  Drive on sunshine, everything needed to charge your EV, plus portable power charge station for your tools and devices. 


You will be invited to configure when your EV Solar Charger is ready to be delivered in 2025.  

*Eligible for $1,000, 30% Federal Tax Credit, as well as other local rebates and incentives. Please discuss with your tax advisor.

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All you need is a roof rack then the EV Solar Charger will fit almost any vehicle.

The EV Solar Charger is road ready at nearly any speed and will withstand winds of up to 30 MPH when extended while vehicle is parked.

The product arrives pre-assembled, mounting to a vehicle takes just 20 minutes and requires just a few wrenches.

GoSun EV Solar Charger is designed to remain on your vehicle’s rooftop through thick and thin, thieves and thorns. However, it can be removed in just a few minutes if needed.