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Best use Off Grid and Camping
Weight 1800 lb
Dimensions Cabin interior max length: 8' 5" Cabin interior max width: 11' 8" Cabin Interior max height: 7' 6" Cabin Interior living space: 700 cubic ft. Exterior max width: 71.5" Exterior max height: 10' Exterior road and trail height 6' 8" Ground clearance: 11.25" Road mode length: 15' 6"
Ideal for Families and Couples
Wheels Yes
Number of Passengers 6
Price $500
GoSun Dream

GoSun Dream

Price $100


The GoSun Camp365 Off-Grid Solar Trailer is ultralightweight and easy to tow, making it perfect for adventurers seeking off-grid experiences. Equipped with essential solar appliances for cooking, refrigerating, showering, and optional climate control, it's the ultimate solar-powered camper for remote locations or campsites.

Custom Edition Production Models are estimated to be available approximately 30 days after full payment is received. Please note that no coupons apply to these models.

After paying the $500 order fee, you can contact for questions, delivery updates, information on optional accessories, shipping options, and details about the balance payment schedule.

The GoSun Dream tiny house is designed for off-grid living and offers high-performance features suitable for RV resorts, off-grid locations, rental properties (e.g., AirBnB, VRBO), or vacation properties. It includes all appliances needed for comfortable living, allowing you to live anywhere under the sun without relying on external utilities.

Whether you're planning your dream van build or looking to upgrade your existing rig with more solar gear, GoSun offers a suite of reliable solar-powered appliances tailored for your home away from home. From cooking to refrigeration and beyond, our appliances are designed to make your travels more comfortable and sustainable.

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