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Elcat Splash


Electric Boat

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The ultimate new family-fun affordable boat for 2024! ELCAT Splash is the upgraded and easier-to-steer version of the all-electric Elcat boat. Complete with a NEWLY redesigned Steering Console for 2024, easily navigate your favorite waters while comfortably monitoring speed and battery management via the built-in display.

Featuring 16 inches of increased headroom beneath the sundeck compared to the Elcat, the ELCAT Splash is the #1 choice by boat rental operators with a very fast return on investment. A very stable boat, great for beginners, boat rentals, families, or even overnight over-water camping.

Durable MSL (Monocoque Structural Laminate) double wall drop-stitch fusion technology makes this boat as tough as carbon fiber but lighter. Made in Europe and CE Certified. WARRANTY: 1 Year Boat Hull | 2 Year Electric Motor | Optional 3 Year Accidental Damage Product Protection

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What's included

Boat: Elcat Splash Inflatable Boat
Electric Motor: E-Propulsion Electric Motor, 1.3 kW Short Shaft
Battery: Lithium Ion 1276 Wh / 48 V
Helm: Deluxe Center Steering Console
Accessories: Swim Ladder, Transom, 2 Pressure Pumps

Tech Specs

- Boat -

Material: PVC
Material Construction: DWF/Drop Stitch
Max PSI: 7
Max PSI Seats: 2.5
Inflatable Seats: 2

- Motor -

Fuel Type: Electric / Solar
Outboard Motor: e-Propulsion Spirit Plus 1.0 / 3 HP
Max Speed: 6 mph
Range on Full Charge: 22 - 50 Miles
Run Time (variable): 2 - 8 HR
Range with Solar: Extended/Variable
Motor Weight: 30 lbs
Transom Max Capacity: 55 lbs
Battery Weight: 19.2 lbs
Power Output: 1276 wH
Drive Type: Direct
Battery Recharge Time: 8 hrs
Tiller Control: Standard
Upgraded Steering Console / Helm: Optional
Battery Type: Li-ion Polymer
Input Volt: 39 - 60 V
Shaft Length: Short
Motor: Brushless DC
Trim Tilt Angle: 0°, 7°, 14°, 21° / 70°
Propeller: 11″ × 5.8″ 2-Blade Composite Propeller

Weight & Dimensions

14'8"L x 7'8"W x 6'5"H

Stowed Size:
4' x 2' x 2'

Total Floor Area:
86 sq ft

Weight (Without Motor):

Weight (With Motor):

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The Elcat Splash has a top speed of 6 mph and can travel up to 25 miles at a cruise speed of 3 mph on a single battery charge. At the maximum speed of 6 mph, the range is approximately 10 miles on a single charge.

The Elcat Splash features an intuitive center console with a steering wheel, throttle, and display screen that makes it easy for any captain, young or old, to operate. Customers have reported that the Elcat Splash is very stable and responsive, making it a great option for beginners, rentals, and overnight camping.

The Elcat Splash comes with a 1-year warranty on the boat hull and a 2 year warranty on the electric motor. An optional 3-year accidental damage protection plan is also available. The manufacturer, GoSun, provides US-Based marine technical support and a 2-week lead time for orders.

According to customer testimonials, the Elcat Splash can pay back the initial investment in as little as 6 weeks when used in a rental boat fleet. The low maintenance costs and high customer appeal of the Elcat Splash make it a profitable addition to any rental operation. For more information related to rental operations, please visit:

Rental Operators

Interested in adding to an existing rental fleet or building your own and seeing an ROI in as little as six weeks? Find more information by clicking the link below!

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