Best Solar Powered Portable Cooling 2022 | High-Efficiency Clean Energy Fan

Best Solar Powered Portable Cooling 2022 | High-Efficiency Clean Energy Fan

Stay cool in the sun, using solar power! This new high-efficiency fan from GoSun can keep you cool using the sun's own energy, and best of all it's lightweight, durable, and silent.

Do you know why solar panels are the most trustworthy power source?

Because they refuse to operate in the shadows...

Okay, that's a real groaner - but the truth is, solar energy is pretty awesome, even if it does have a few limitations.

GoSun has taken all the advantages of solar energy, mixed in some great alternative choices for when it's not an option, and put them all together in one device - that uses the sun's own energy to keep you cool in its heat.

Though there have been many advancements in green and clean energy over the last decade, there have been few options for effective portable cooling devices that can operate on renewable energy. GoSun has taken up the challenge and created a new high-efficiency cooling fan that operates using small solar panels, with the option for alternative energy sources as well.

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Known as the GoSun Breeze, the new fan has the highest energy efficiency rating of any portable fan available today, making it more effective whether it is running on solar power, or using a battery. The fan includes a 12-volt adapter that allows it to run using a power bank, as well as the power outlet of any standard car, truck, or RV.

The new fan spins at up to 1600 RPM, with a step-less adjustable dial that allows you to select your perfect level of cooling. At top speed, the new Breeze can move up to 1,200 cubic feet of air per minute, with a wind velocity of 8.6 meters per second.

The device is efficient enough to run exclusively on solar panels during the day when it is needed most, and it can last hours or days using a power bank, depending on the fan speed and power bank storage size. A typical power bank from GoSun can operate the fan for 8.5 hours at high speed, or up to 6 days at low speed.

GoSun uses a brushless motor design that decreases the noise level of the new Breeze, allowing it to run continuously with less than 60 decibels of sound. In comparison, ceiling fans often produce 70 decibels or higher, while standalone cooling fans can produce a constant noise of 90 decibels or more.

To make the new device more portable, GoSun has engineered the fan to weigh less than 5 pounds. This weight includes the durable frame and the 360-degree swivel that allows the Breeze to face in any direction.

A satisfied client said, “Good product. This fan is super quiet and lightweight, but pushes a good amount of air. Plugged it into my car for tailgating. Good value.”

When we use renewable energy, it's a win for us, for our power bills, and for the planet.

Now you can even use solar power to keep you cool in the sun, no matter where you go. It's great for camping, RVs, or even lounging by the pool.

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