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    Solar Phone Chargers For Power Outages

    February 03, 2020 2 min read

    Smartphones, even if at 100 percent battery, can go dead in a day, which is far less time than it takes for the power grid to be restored in the worst natural disasters. With that in mind, here are solar-powered devices we recommended using to make sure your cell phone has endless battery life. Some of these solar phone chargers will top off your phone. Others produce enough electricity to power your phone, lights, and even a battery-powered cooler.
    Here are the best solar phone chargers to get you through the next power outage. Read the full article, because we think the best solution is the final one. 

    SolarFlex 10

    The GoSun SolarFlex 10 is a solar cell phone charger that easily folds up and produces an incredible amount of electricity to charge all your USB devices. It can charge up your phone with its built-in USB port as fast at your plug-in outlet.

    The Flex is perfect for charging your devices using nothing but sunshine. Under full sun, this will charge about at fast as a typical wall outlet charger.

    • Weight: 0.65 lb (0.3kg)
    • Power output: 10 Watts
    • Dimensions: 7" L x 10.5" W x .02" D
    • Weather-resistant, collapsible design
    • Perfect for backpacking, camping, and daily use

    Solar Power Power Bank Mini

    This mini phone charger packs a big punch. It's perfect for power outages or travel. This backup battery can provide all the charge you need to call, text or take that awesome photo. Combined with our 10-watt solar panel, you will never have to worry about being out of charge again.

    Uses: Charges small devices

    • Charging Time: 4 - 5 days of full sun
    • Includes an emergency LED torch and hidden dual USB/micro charging ports
    • Shockproof rubber exterior provides a non-slip surface
    • Includes USB power charging cord for non-solar charging

    Sun King Light + Phone Charger

    The Sun King Pro defines the industry's gold standard in affordable solar-powered lanterns with a 360-degree tilt and mobile phone charging capability. A perfect emergency, home or travel accessory, that provides up to 45 hours of light per day on a full charge.
    • 40x brighter than fire
    • Separate 3Watt solar panel
    • USB device & DC power
    • 45 hours of light on low mode
    • Perfect for camping, RV, and emergency

    Ultimate Solution: Solar Table with Power Bank 


    Designed to charge the GoSun PowerBank, the SolarTable 60 is our fastest, most powerful solar charger. Use the sun to charge laptops, tablets, cameras, phones, and lights – or even power the Chill and Fusion at night. With a 60W collapsible solar table, you have a tempered glass table surface and shade to cover the Chill.

    • Weight: 18.5 lb (8.4kg)
    • Dimensions: 48" L x 27" H x 19-27" W
    • Aluminum + stainless steel
    • Provides surface and shade
    • Perfect for beach, boating, and cookouts

    Here's a video showing what the table looks like in action:


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