The GoSun Sizzle Makes Solar Cooking Even More Portable

The GoSun Sizzle Makes Solar Cooking Even More Portable

GoSun’s solar cookers are famous for allowing you to make delicious fire-free and propane-free food anywhere on earth. The only downside is that they can sometime take a while to cook. But that problem is now solve3d thanks to the new Sizzle. This cooker can make enough food for five in 30 minutes.

Now a restaurant-sized meal can be cooked with nothing but the Sun as portably as you want it to be. 

The Sizzle is has a compact design that cooks facts thanks to its reflective construction that focuses the sun's rays on the internal cooking chamber to quickly prepare your choice of recipe (see here for our favorite recipes).


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The Sizzle outdoor solar cooker weighs only 22 pounds but packs a punch. When unfolded, its expanded reflective surface puts out 325W of power for a maximum temperature of 550-degrees Fahrenheit.  

See it in action here:

The Sizzle in Action

The Sizzle uses many of the same principles as the Fusion. It heats a vacuum-sealed tube with a pair of large parabolic reflectors that collect solar rays and concentrate the energy onto the tube, heating up food inside. It also runs on the same connection as the Fusion and can be powered from any 12V (15A) power source, including the Power 144 or 266.

Our friends at Auto Evolution gave it a try and here's what they have to say about the Sizzle:.

GoSun is one of those companies that basically comes out of nowhere and seeks to completely redesign the way we live our lives. Ok, maybe redesigning our lives is a bit much, but the fact of the matter is that this Cincinnati-based company is changing the lives of many who live in poverty or near-poverty communities by donating meal cookers like the one you see here.

Now, this team does produce more than just one of these types of cookers, but it’s the Sizzle that showcases the freshest and most game-changing technology the company is capable of.

 A massive parabolic reflector takes the Sun’s rays and concentrates them into that central tube. Sound so simple, I could have thought of it. Sure, if I was a rocket scientist. By the way, development was done by GoSun’s lead investor and resident rocket scientist, Glen MacGilivray, according to the manufacturer’s website.

To cook your meal all you’ve got to do is pull out that central tube, load up your veggies and fish, or whatever else you like to eat, open the mirrors, and point this sucker at the sun. 30 minutes and 550 degrees Fahrenheit later, you can enjoy your meal whether you’re at home, by the lake, on the side of the road, or preferably in the desert.

The Sizzle even works under cloudy conditions too. Its cooking tube can handle 145 oz (9 lbs or 4.1 kg) of food. This totals about four to six meals, depending on how much you normally eat. As Auto Evolution notes, with such a massive amount of food, and only a thirty-minute cook time, there's future possibility for a solar food truck popping up. 


The Most Powerful Portable Solar Cooker


The GoSun Sizzle packs a punch because it uses the same insulated vacuum tube and side-loaded 101-oz. food tray as the Fusion, feeding up to six people. Its parabolic reflector is 25 x 24 x 16 inches when folded up and weighs 22 pounds. While a bit too large to take on a 2-week camping trip, there's nothing better for a short hike or car camping. 

That's because it has more power than any other commercially-available solar cooker. While the Fusion manages a power output of 225W in direct sunlight, the reflector on the Sizzle enables 325W, letting it reach the maximum temperature of 550 degrees Fahrenheit twice as fast as the Fusion.


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The GoSun Sizzle’s parabolic reflector can work as long as there’s daylight, letting you cook in the rain or snow. It works faster in the sun, but still does the job in any weather conditions. And if it's nighttime, you can still make food. Like the Fusion,  the vacuum tube can be heated up by hooking up to any 12V power source. That way, you can get your cooking done by plugging in to your car, a small power bank, or those portable AC power stations. 



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