What are Potential Climate Change Investments Opportunities?

What are Potential Climate Change Investments Opportunities?

Many experts consider climate change to be the primary threat to Earth in the 21st century. As carbon emissions continuing to rise, they worry that the war is being lost to prevent the global average temperature increasing less than 2°C above pre-industrial levels.

Rising two degrees will trigger all sorts of cataclysmic environmental events. However, many believe that preventing this would require investments of trillions of dollars and completely overhauling the manufacturing and transportation systems of Planet Earth to move to low-carbon technologies.

But there is hope in this doomsday scenario. What if the need for clean energy is also one of the best investment opportunities available now? It turns out it is. Nearly three-fourths of all investors are interested in sustainable investments.

According to the Principles for Responsible Investment, the global mobilization to fight climate change among corporations, investors, and governments is going to create incredible investment opportunities in clean energy as part of the effort to transition to a low-carbon world.

Investors are getting in the game. Morningstar, an investment research firm, reported that 72% of the U.S. population is interested in investing in environmental, social, and governance funds. This is true among different age cohorts. In fact, Millennials and Generation X were statistically identical in their level of interest.

“A lot of people care about sustainability,” said Ryan Murphy, head of decision sciences at Morningstar Investment Management and a co-author of the research. “This is not just a fringe preference. “The idea that this is of interest to a subgroup doesn’t really hold.”

The interest in sustainable investment is backed up by hard numbers. In 2018, renewable energy investment hit nearly $300 billion, far outstripping investment in fossil fuels.

Almost $140 billion was invested in solar in 2018, along with $134 billion in wind energy, according to a UN Global Status Report.

"Investments in renewable energy in 2018 were three times higher than the amount invested in new coal and gas-fired generators,” said Inger Andersen, Executive Director of the UN Environment Programme.


Looking at the Bigger Picture


Investing isn't all about financial returns regardless of the ethics (or lack thereof) of the company being funded. More investors are seeking out businesses, nonprofits, and funds for the purposes of generating a measurable, beneficial social or environmental impact alongside a financial return. This is called impact investing, and you can start doing it right now, whether supporting a massive investment fund or a crowdsourced alternative energy project.

Impact investing has grown from $50 billion in 2009 to $500 billion today. Although this is only a slice of the $61 trillion that makes up the global equity market, impact investing has spread among such instruments as equity, debt, real assets, and loan guarantees.

Impact Investing with Large Investment Funds

Analysts noted that private equity funds are undergoing a massive shift of funds from fossil fuel energy to renewables. Industry insiders say that fund sponsors are interested due to a convergence of numerous trends.

First, the asset class has matured to the degree that the tech behind clean energy is a known quantity. Second, federal and state climate policies have mandated the decarbonization of energy, freeing up grants. Third, fund LPs are requiring increasing clean energy investments for sustainability initiatives.

That's the 10,000 view, but let's get down to specifics. How do you do impact investing? A good place to start is with an alternative energy ETF. That way you can diversity across several companies through purchasing alternative energy exchange-traded funds.

Here are five ETFS that Investopedia ranks the highest by reason of market cap, potential stock growth. liquidity.

1. Invesco Solar ETF (TAN)

TAN follows the Mac Global Solar Energy Index, which tracks 23 stocksand keeps 90 percent of its investments in securities from the index.

2. Invesco WilderHill Clean Energy ETF (PBW)

PBW provides exposure to U.S. companies engaged in advacing cleaner energy and conservation. It follows the WilderHill Clean Energy Index and invests at least 90 percent of its assets in stocks from the index.

3. First Trust Nasdaq Clean Edge Green Energy ETF (QCLN)

This ETF tracks the Nasdaq Clean Edge Green Energy Index, which includes 39 stocks in its portfolio.

4. VanEck Vectors Global Alternative Energy ETF (GEX)

This ETF tracks the Ardour Global Index; it focuses on companies in an area considered alternative energy.

5. iShares Global Clean Energy ETF (ICLN)

The S&P Global Clean Energy Index is considered the benchmark of this ETF. It keeps a 90 percent concentration of assets from the index. The other 10 percent are futures, options, and swap contracts.

Impact Investing with Crowdfunding

Investing in large-scale portfolios isn't the only way to start with impact investing. Many online companies now have funding platforms for renewable energy projects and cleantech companies.

One of them is GridShare. You can browse offerings on the site and back projects through equity, debt, and donations.

The second is StartEngine. It facilitates investment in early-stage startup businesses, including renewable energy companies. StartEngine works with small businesses, entrepreneurs, and others. It operates at a higher scale than Kickstarter or Indiegogo, allowing bigger businesses to get their liftoff.

Which brings us to the best company you can invest in -- GoSun.


Invest in GoSun


Portable power for people who want to live more independent, healthy and resilient lives. GoSun has developed breakthrough solar technologies that perform better than today’s outdoor gear, meet your essential needs and produce no emissions.

Invest Now

Reasons to Invest


The Outdoor Recreation Industry is ripe for investment. In 2019, outdoor recreation accounted for $459.8B and the industry has continued to soar throughout 2020. Solar and Climate Change investments are going viral; they more than doubled in 2020

GoSun has a proven track record of growth, with $3.9M in revenue in 2020, over 100,000 products sold across 70 countries, and a 109% sales increase over 2019

Experienced team (with multiple successful exits and public IPO’s) has developed a process for launching innovations that power essential needs with renewable energy

A lean start-up approach helps GoSun move quickly to meet major consumer needs and markets with today’s latest climate technology. Gaining traction initially with solar ovens, over the past few years, GoSun has expanded into portable fridges, lighting, charging, water purification, tiny houses and is now addressing power generators.


Traditional energy sources cannot keep up with today’s needs because they are vulnerable, inconvenient, and harmful to our environment. Grid power cannot be trusted with its long, complicated, and often compromised supply chain (Source). Centralized utility power has stripped individuals of freedom and locked us into unnecessary, expensive, long-term debt (Source).

When headed outdoors, we are forced to compromise too many comforts of home unless we bring an expensive RV or boat. Again, we are left vulnerable, buying more supplies everyday and throwing single use items in the trash after use. Thriving while off-grid should not be difficult.


Combining the latest in solar, energy storage and electronics, GoSun builds consumer products that meet essential needs and are better than today’s incumbent without compromising quality, performance or affordability. Not only do these portable devices make it easier to enjoy the outdoors, they are also capable of answering the call during times of need.

GoSun has developed a formula for launching clean tech innovations thanks to an experienced team, a robust online community, and an international presence. By listening to customers in a massive online community, GoSun has leveraged insights to become a hub of clean living on the Fuel-Free Frontier. These durable, portable power solutions fit into both outdoor recreation and emergency preparedness markets.


Growth is the DNA of GoSun and now is time to scale. Consumers demand cleaner products and GoSun is fine tuned to rise to the opportunity. In a few years, GoSun has become the first consumer solar products manufacturer to break into mainstream markets. Centered around enjoying clean power, food and drink while outdoors, business more than doubled during COVID-19 pandemic. With more innovation on the way, GoSun anticipates these growth trends to continue.

People are seeking more resilience and healthy living. GoSun creates innovative solutions that allow consumers to explore the solar future while meeting their immediate needs. Through powerful new online tools, customers share how GoSun products are perfect for off-grid adventures or for everyday use.

GoSun has empowered a large, engaged audience who’ve supported nine successful product launches, putting the company in the top one percent of all crowdfunding innovators. By focusing on real customer’s needs, GoSun has grown a lovable and valuable brand identity with a wide customer base.


*Award sources include CES 2021, CES 2019, CTA 2017, Fast Company 2017.

Breakthrough innovations get attention. GoSun has appeared on Top Chef, Science Channel’s All American Makers, The Henry Ford’s Innovation Nation and many news channels. Media coverage in major publications has driven a ton of eyeballs to witness GoSun and dream of the brighter future.

More than just annual revenue growth and awards recognition, GoSun is committed to assisting in disaster relief efforts and establishing social enterprise in emerging markets. GoSun is one of the first solar manufacturers awarded by the United Nations Clean Cooking Alliance, UNDP and the American Red Cross. GoSun is currently building a presence in several developing countries to introduce low cost solar solutions.

Patrick Sherwin (Founder and CEO) works with non-profits in Haiti.


*Date based on sources from DNV and Our World in Date.

Expanding beyond recreation, GoSun is meeting needs in Emergency Management. This is already a $117.2B industry and increasing with the effects of Climate Change. As the world moves away from burning fossil fuels, the Solar Energy Industry is predicted to grow 6,500% through 2050 (Source). Finally, in emerging markets overseas, about one billion people live without access to electricity and three billion people still burn wood and charcoal to cook everyday 


GoSun is quickly becoming the household name for portable, reliable solar products for recreation, emergency, and off-grid applications. Through community engagement GoSun is the center of a value hub that relies on customer feedback, technological opportunities and market trends. As a result, the new clean technologies, championed by GoSun, are affordable and capable of meeting our everyday needs.

GoSun products allow people to:

  • Thrive off-grid - Our products work during power outages
  • Avoid messes - No smoke, no melting ice, no waste, plus a portable sink
  • Save money - Sustainable energy saves time, money, and resources
  • Help the climate - Solar power reduces environmental impact
  • Live healthier - More nutrients, less carcinogens
  • Prepare for change - Build resilience with available, versatile power sources
  • Cook without fuel, smoke or fire
  • Keep food and drinks cold without ice
  • Charge your cell phone and laptop without grid or generator power
  • Brew coffee in an all in one travel mug without a stove
  • Purify water with only a little bit of sunshine
  • Shelter in a tiny house that does not need grid power or water service
  • Portable solar generator makes the noisy gas generator obsolete
  • Travel with a solar kitchen that doesn’t need gas or cords
  • Beat the heat on a warming planet


People want better products, made with better missions. The outdoor gear industry lacks clean tech products that are both affordable and consumer friendly. GoSun builds solar gear that is high quality, high performance and affordable.

GoSun’s solar products align with all 17 of the UN SDG’s because they are free to use, produce no emissions, improve health, empower women + children, and save time + resources.

GoSun’s solar products align with all 17 of the UN SDG’s because they are free to use, produce no emissions, improve health, empower women + children, and save time + resources.

In the humanitarian realm, GoSun products are geared towards both disaster relief and areas of the world with vulnerable or limited energy sources.

Institutions are seeking solutions that support a triple bottom line, creating a positive impact on: Local Economy, Environment and Human Health. GoSun’s salesforce has value engineered products for governments, large NGO’s and relief agencies.


GoSun Solar Ovens are a game changer when cooking outdoors. They produce the juiciest and tastiest food you'll ever make. With five patents and six trademarks, GoSun’s innovative approach to harnessing solar energy sets it apart from the other solar solutions on the market. Prior to GoSun, solar ovens were slow, bulky and impractical. GoSun solar ovens are fast, portable and convenient, plus they are safe to touch even while over 500°F (260°C). Our breakthrough solar cooking technology is:

  •  Fast & Safe. Meals in minutes, but always cool to touch.
  • Versatile. Steams, bakes, roasts, and boils using only the Sun.
  • All-Weather. Near perfect insulation so that no weather is too cold.
  • Cook Day or Night. The world’s most efficient oven, solar and electric hybrid.

The GoSun Chill is more than a cooler, it's an off-grid refrigerator without the noisy generator. These Solar Coolers don't need ice, in fact, they can make ice. A portable 12V fridge designed to keep food cold or frozen, dry, and organized. Say goodbye to fishing for soggy sandwiches in a pool of hotdog juice, the solar alternative has arrived.

A cooler that runs on the Sun is better because:

  • No Ice. More space, less weight and fresher food.
  • Sustainable. Primary power: Sun | Back-up power: 12 Volt & AC.
  • Lasts Longer. Keeps foods frozen for hours.
  • Charges Devices. Includes integrated PowerBank (lithium ion battery).


GoSun knows today’s best solar and battery technology. A series of powerbank solutions unleash the freedom of portable power to keep you going while off-grid. From small to large, these devices are making gas generators obsolete. Capable of charging laptops, tablets, cameras, phones, lights, and other devices - just plug in anywhere, anytime.

A generator that runs on the Sun is better because:

  •  No noise, no fumes, no fuel. Silent and steady operation.
  • Sustainable. Primary power: Sun | Back-up power: 12 Volt & AC.
  • Lasts longer. No moving parts, very low maintenance.
  • Charge multiple devices at once. AC, DC, USB


Water is key to life, so GoSun has built a purification and sanitation system that supplies your off-grid water needs. Joining a USB powered pump to a small solar power bank provides months of fresh drinking water. A kitchen sink that fits in your backpack, GoSun Flow sets up in seconds and can also turn into a shower.

A water system that runs on a micro pump is better because:

  • No hand pumping, no waiting for chemicals to sterilize drinking water
  • Versatile. Water purifier, kitchen sink or shower
  • Conserves water during usage so you don’t break your back hauling
  • Set up a sanitation station anywhere to wash hands and gear


Tiny Houses are sweeping the nation, for good reason. Downsizing makes like easier and more free. The GoSun Dream is an off-grid, solar, smart home that can be placed almost anywhere to become a: vacation home, rental, office, mobile home/RV. It brings its own power, water and waste management so you’re independent and autonomous.

A tiny house that runs on the Sun is better because:

  • No need for utilities, the Dream makes its own power
  • Hybrid solar + electric oven, solar cooler, water system, & energy storage.
  • All services hooked up: onboard water, electricity, heating and cooling.
  • GoSun portable products can be used in or outdoors



Experienced designers, engineers, and change-makers, GoSun’s team is intent on serving the world with unparalleled clean power solutions. Through collaborations and by living with their creations, GoSun’s tight knit team is able to make innovation happen quickly.

Fast, nimble, and well connected; when GoSun sees an opportunity, we go for it.


With a growing awareness of Climate Change and natural disasters, consumers are seeking more efficient, self-reliant products. GoSun is seeking investors who want to help us in creating and delivering real solutions. GoSun’s solar products are easy, fun to use and they actually work better than conventional products.

The concept sketch above depicts GoSun's capabilities; the lightweight camping trailer can be set up in just 30 minutes, providing: cooking, water purification, cold storage, wash station, prep area and solar + battery power supply. Users can have more fun in the Sun and rely on the trailer to be prepared for anything.

Mainstream consumers are demanding cleaner, healthier products and institutional investors are seeking environmental and social impact. GoSun allows the solar energy boom to meet everyday consumers. The company and team have grown strong over the past few years, now they are ready to scale. GoSun stands in the intersection where sustainability and profitability meet.


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