What Reviewers Think About The Solar Panel 10

What Reviewers Think About The Solar Panel 10

One of the handiest devices that GoSun produces is the Solar Panel 10. That's because all of our devices are electrical and can be powered by the Sun, which means that their best friend is a powerful solar panel that is also portable.

That's what makes the Solar Panel 10 so great. All you have to do is connect any device via USB, place it in the Su, and it will charge it about at fast as a typical wall outlet charger. The best part about it is that it's portable, foldable, and weighs less than a pound.

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What Critics Are Saying About the Solar Panel 10


The good folks at Gadgeteer review the Solar Panel 10. They loved it for its portability, durability, and ability to charge phones in different light conditions.

Here's more of what they had to say:

Power outage or outdoor events when your phone charge gets low? No problem if you have a solar panel in your pack. The Gosun SolarPanel 10 may be a portable solution to keep your small devices charged. Read on and see if you have a need for one or would you pass for another power source?
The semi-flexible panel seems durable and is completely sealed except for the USB A port on the back. There are no moving parts and the panel folds in half for storage. Nothing about the device seems fragile or brittle. Due to the semi-flexible nature of its construction, I can verify it is drop-safe. Ok, I was trying to hang it on an interior window latch and it slipped. I wouldn’t throw it like a frisbee but it’ll withstand drops.
The Gosun SolarPanel 10 charged cellphones as well as did standard ‘wall plug’ chargers. The durable construction of the device suggests it was engineered for long service and easy portability. The edge clips are a nice addition because there could be settings where no good flat surface is available for standing the panel.

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What the Solar Panel 10 Can Do

It can charge any electrical appliance, but we like to give examples that are more fun that charging your smartphone. Did you know that you can brew a tasty cup of coffee with your solar panel?

You can, and all you need is the GoSun Brew. Check out this video below to see how the world of gourmet coffee brewing and solar energy meet together.


Here's the transcript: 

So a bunch of you have been asking the more specifics about how does this work and so we're going to show you .

First things first is you're going to put water in in the GoSun Brew cup so it takes a few ounces of. water. Before we plug it in we're just going to go ahead and get it filled up. After that is done I do recommend keeping the French Press attached so that you can maintain the heat in the cup while it's heating up.

Now we'll get the the power cord. We'll go ahead and plug that into the cup and we'll plug the power cord into the volt outlet on the GoSun.

The other thing i want to show you here is the solar panel. this is the Flex. The flex  is actually capable of running power with an amp input.

So we'll go ahead and get all this set up first  so we can be charging in the sun. At the same time that we're brewing in the sun. And then we just plug that in and wait a few minutes. While that heats up  we've got some hot water in the Gosun Brew.

So now I'm gonna add   the uh the coffee grinds, about two tablespoons. You wanna move fairly quick at this stage. I like a dark coffee so I'm gonna go for a little bit higher grade octane here and just kind of give that a little stir.

Now I'm gonna let this steep; there isn't there isn't super high science here. It's about a hot cup of joe anywhere any day.

Putting in our French press so we don't lose our heat. And at this stage we're really just going to get the lid back on to hold that heat. We're not worrying about pressing at this point in time. Right we want to leave it.

We want to let it uh heat up there for about four minutes to let that coffee properly steep.

I think we've waited long enough, and we're ready for our coffee. So this is the press, the hard part. I tell you what -- Ii'll just pour the coffee in here so you guys can see what we're looking at. You can expect a few grinds to come out but instead of it going into my mouth which you would have a hard time seeing, I'm going to just pour it in here so you can get a feel for what we're talking about.

A real life roast here -- this cup's going to stay hot and lasts for about four hours. You can always plug it back in and reheat it as well.

There you have it folks -- a hot cup of coffee anywhere thanks to the GoSun Brew. It's just that easy.

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