GoSun Dream: Coming 2021

Welcome to your future.

Sleeps 4 adults
Easy to tow
Smart appliances
Off-grid ready


Introducing a high-performance tiny house from GoSun. It’s the pinnacle of our vision for a solar future. Live anywhere under the Sun, free from reliance on anyone or anything.

Solar Ready

Solar living, connected.

Off-Grid Capable

No need for utilities, the Dream makes its own power.

Complete Solar Kitchen

Hybrid solar + electric oven, solar cooler, water system, & energy storage.

Total Independence

All services hooked up: onboard water, electricity, heating and cooling.

Day or Night

Our portable products can be used in or outdoors, with or without the Dream.

Travel Anywhere

Stay home or on the move.

Set-Up Anywhere

RV resorts, off-grid, studio, property rental, or vacation home.

Tows like RV

Pulls like a travel trailer RV with three-quarter-ton or one ton pick-up.

RV Hook-Ups

Plug in power, cable, water, and waste at campgrounds and RV resorts.

Solid Foundation

Rugged dual-axle trailer weighs less than 12,000 lbs.

Cost Efficient

Less energy use. Fewer expenses.

Starting at $69,500. Secure yours today with a $500 deposit.

Generates Energy

High-efficiency building envelope, EnergyStar appliances.

No Utility Bills

Removes the monthly burden and long-term debt for services.

Unparalleled Design

Integrated design, build quality, versatility and ease of use .

Built at Scale

Batch production saves thousands compared to custom builds.

Video Tour

Tour the tiny house with our CEO.

Take an in-depth walkthrough with GoSun's CEO, Patrick Sherwin.

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Floor Plan

The Dream is move-in ready.

GoSun Dream gathers the most appropriate and efficient technologies under one roof. All appliances included, just add furniture and decor . true

Integrated, outdoor solar kitchen.

Of course, the Dream comes with all of GoSun's breakthrough, portable solar appliances. Stay cool with the ice-free Chill, cook with the solar + electric hybrid Fusion and clean with the Flow water system.

Home, sweet tiny home.

Tech Specs


195 ft²

Main floor (165 ft²)

Bed (30 ft²)


8.5 feet (2.6m)


22 feet (6.7m)


13 feet (3.7m)


Approx. 11,500 lbs (5,216 kg)


1.4kW Solar PV Array, Multi-Directional Mounts, Rails

4kWH Lithium Ion Energy Storage Battery

3,000W, 120V Grid and Generator Interactive Sine-Wave Inverter

Automatic Energy Recovery Ventilation (ERV)

Optional Electric Awning with Auto Retract

Low Flow Faucets and Atomizing Shower

40 Gallon (150L) Fresh Water Tank

25 Gallon (95L) Grey Water Tank

25 Gallon (95L) Black Water Tank


High Efficiency Air Conditioner

Electric Queen-Sized Bed Lift

GoSun Chill: Portable 40L Fridge

GoSun Fusion: Hybrid Solar+Electric Oven

GoSun Flow: Water Purification and Sanitation System

GoSun Solar Table: 120Watt Charger and Collapsible Table

Biomimetic, Silent Overhead Fan

High-Efficiency Fridge

Dual Burner Propane Stove

Range Hood Vent Fan

Diaphragm Water Pump and Pressure Tank

Efficient Propane Space Heater

Efficient On-Demand Propane Water Heater

Flush Toilet, optional Composting Toilet

Your adventure awaits.

A home on wheels, the Dream is designed for locations with solar exposure and a lack of utilities - power, water, or gas. Proper sites found in urban, rural and suburban settings. Bring the Dream to any of the 15,000 RV resorts nationwide, or use for off-grid living, studio, property rental or vacation home.

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