Powering Life With Solar Cooking

GoSun Stove is a social enterprise based in Cincinnati Ohio, USA that designs and manufactures solar cooking technology with the goal of powering lives globally with clean, safe and accessible cooking solutions. 

GoSun's business is a split model. One-half of the business is focused on serving customers in developed markets such as the US, Europe, and Japan. The other half is focused on providing lower cost solutions for consumers at risk of energy poverty globally.

GoSun's first trial in emerging markets came in Guatemala in Spring of 2015 with the help of the Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves. This project yielded substantial results, the average participant saving more than two hours a day and significant amounts of firewood by using the solar stove. For more information about the project and its findings, read our Pilot Report


The Technology

The GoSun Cooking Technology is unique for its ease, speed, and reliability, helping GoSun gather international media attention for its award-winning products

The GoSun Solar Cooking Technology is unique for a number of reasons:

  • The stoves can cook meals in as little as 20 minutes (depending on the model)
  • Cooking times are minimally affected by cold or wind
  • The stoves can reach temperatures of +280°C using only Sun
  • The stoves are excellent for cooking most staple foods, including cassava, platanos, rice, beans and millet.
  • Food is kept warm for hours after sundown thanks to the solar vacuum tube
  • The stove is easy to use and requires minimal maintenance


High-Efficiency Cooking with Electricity

The Grill model can be adapted to cook with electricity when no Sun is available, using a fraction of the energy of a typical electric stove. Running at a low amperage, the Grill can function using only a small battery, common in micro-solar systems. 

GoSun eGrill Concept Render

With the goal of piloting a modified version of the Grill in 2017, GoSun aims to develop an affordable and reliable solar electric hybrid stove for the Peruvian market. 


How It Works

GoSun’s compound parabolic reflectors and tubular design convert nearly 80% of all sunlight entering it’s reflectors into useable heat. The evacuated glass tube of the GoSun Cooking Technology is a near-perfect insulator, allowing one to solar cook in even the most challenging conditions. By effectively capturing light from a broad range of angles, the GoSun does not require frequent readjustment to the Sun, making for easy stress-free meals.

How GoSun Works


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