Station | Commercial Solar Oven

Outdoor Kitchen Reinvented with hot meals day or night without burning fuel

Max Temperature


Feeds up to

30 meals / hour

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Cook day or night

If you're out of sunlight, plug the Station into a 12V source to power heating elements. Use GoSun solar chargers to harness the power of the Sun to cook day and night.

Cook day or night


Deploys in seconds and collapses into a durable package

Cook at night

Hybrid solar + 12V electric heat so the cooking does not stop

Feed an army

Capable of solar cooking 30 meals every hour


Rugged frame with protection for any weather or terrain

Patented solar cooking technology

The Station's patented evacuated tube creates the most efficient insulation in modern cooking technology. Adjustable parabolic reflectors concentrate the sunlight into the cooking chamber - trapping the energy inside for cooking.

Patented solar cooking technology

Built to feed a community

 Whether you're feeding a crowd, responding to emergencies, or hosting an outdoor feast, the GoSun Station is your ultimate cooking companion.

Which one is best for me?

Best use All-around
Weight 14 lb
Dimensions 27" x 11" x 12"
Capacity 3.01 L (101 oz)
Meals 4-6
Ideal for Breads & cakes
Pork tenderloin
Stir fry
Cooks at night Yes
Price $349
Best use Camping, home
Weight 7 lb
Dimensions 29" x 12" x 6"
Capacity 1.2 L (40 oz)
Meals 2-3
Ideal for Veggies
Chicken strips
Cooks at night Yes
Price $229
Best use Backpacking
Weight 2 lb
Dimensions 17" x 9" x 6"
Capacity 420 ml (14 oz)
Meals 1
Ideal for Anything diced
Small fish
Dehydrated food
Cooks at night No
Price $96

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Yes, even in clouds or at night, the Station has the capability of using electric power, making it suitable for all weather conditions.

The Station requires very little time to set up. Once assembled and standing, it just needs to be oriented towards the Sun.

Yes, the Station is able to cook/bake in any manner.

Max 23 liters, Cooking Trays 16 liters