40 Days of Sunshine Challenge

40 Days of Sunshine Challenge

It’s valentines day and I’m about to begin the 40 days of sunshine journey.

I’m nervous and I’m excited. This is going to be a real challenge, a great way to disrupt patterns of living and eating, and a solid dose of learning. I’m pretty committed to this effort, despite the grim outlook of overcast weather. I really want to see if this is possible and what sacrifices and freedoms will come my way.

I’m lucky to be in good health and have all the support I could ever ask for. The GoSun community has weighed in with lots of advice and encouragement. I’m feeling strong and I have a loose plan for keeping my body fueled as I head out for a big road trip to kick off 40 Days of Sunshine.

As it is Valentines, my girlfriend is going to get a nice home cooked meal tonight, along with desert and drinks and then….. it’s on. 40 days, eating foods only cooked with the Sun. Will I succeed? Will I maintain my high pace and positive outlook? Stay tuned and enjoy your valentines.


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