2014 Solar Potluck in Tucson

See how many people the GoSun can feed at a potluck on a cloudy day.

April 28, 2014 1 min read

2014 Solar Potluck in Tucson
“The GoSun was the only solar cooker that was able to cook anything all day long!”

A message from Bruce Joseph of Citizens for Solar:

“Just thought that I’d tell you a bit about yesterday’s Solar Potluck (an annual event, conducted for over 30 years).
The weather was terrible for Tucson – cloudy, windy and even a little rain.  Sadly, this meant very low attendance, and virtually no solar cooking all day long.  At about 4:00, the sun came out and I made some pork kabobs in the GoSun.  Even though it was late in the day, they cooked in less than 30 minutes. I gave out samples to all around, and many of the attendees got to see the GoSun in action. 
I’m pretty sure the kabobs were the only food that was actually solar cooked the during the entire Solar Potluck, meaningthe GoSun was the only solar cooker that was able to cook anything all day long!  Numerous people, especially experienced solar cooks, liked the design quite a bit.
A lot of people asked me about using GoSun solar cookers when camping and hiking. I’ve been telling them that the GoSun is the best product I’ve seen for them. It’s small, lightweight, durable and can cook a good quantity of food very quickly.
I hope that our efforts generate sales and interest in the GoSun.

By posting this, in no way does GoSun or Citizens for Solar mean to disrespect other solar cookers



Check out the the 2015 Solar Potluck in Catalina State Park, Tucson, Arizona on April 11th starting at 10am.

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