Americans Will Take Shorter Summer Vacations. GoSun Can Help.

Americans Will Take Shorter Summer Vacations. GoSun Can Help.

Due to the effects of COVID-19 shutdowns, Americans will be taking shorter trips this summer. That's the conclusion of a AAA research report, and it will have a big effect on how Americans travel, eat, and drink during their vacations. Mostly, we'll be driving to our destinations instead of flying.


The good news is that GoSun can help you cook food, drinking purified water, and keep your devices charged wherever you are, no matter how long you stay there.


But first, let's look at why Americans will be traveling less: 


Retired Wall Street analyst Ron Glantz is an inveterate traveler, and this year’s agenda was to have included trips to Armenia, Georgia, and Azerbaijan in May; as well as an excursion to Rwanda and Tanzania at the end of the summer. Now, it turns out, those trips have all been canceled or postponed and the only time Glantz plans to leave Manhattan is for a family reunion in Rhode Island — which, he points out, “is an easy drive (and) on 43 acres for easy social distancing.”
Glantz is by no means alone. The months-long lockdown covering most of the U.S. translated into empty roads, barren airports, and anchored cruise ships. As the country slowly opens back up, traffic is on the rise, but experts don’t see a return to normal travel and vacation plans anytime soon.
That’s underscored by a new AAA report forecasting Americans will take just over 707 million trips this summer. That’s down about 15 percent from a year ago, a number that might seem relatively modest considering the broader impact of the pandemic. But a closer look reveals much more significant changes in how we travel and where we may go.
Almost 97 percent of those trips are expected to be made by car, with travel by automobile forecast to decline by a modest 3.3 percent year-over-year, said the AAA. By comparison, road trips accounted for 85.3 percent of summer travel last year.

All of these trends point toward fewer resort vacations and more camping trips. Hotels might be emptier but campgrounds will be fuller. The good news is that if you do have to radically alter your travel plans, then GoSun has your back. 


Need to cook your food day or night?  The GoSun Fusion is your best friend. It's a solar oven that can also cook without Sun. A hybrid solar + electric oven runs on sunshine or 12Volt from your car, boat, RV battery pack.


Speaking of a battery pack, the PowerBank unleashes the freedom of portable power. It is capable of charging laptops, tablets, cameras, phones, lights, and other devices - just plug in anywhere, anytime. 


Lastly, the Flow makes sure your stay hydrated. It's a solar-powered water purifier that also makes it easy to wash your hands, take a shower, or wash dishes. 


The GoSun Flow is small enough to fit into a backpack, uses solar energy to filter 99.99% of pathogens from water, pumps 1 liter of clean water per minute, and can function as a portable handwashing station, hot shower, source of clean drinking water, and much more.

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