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This powerful fan is the most efficient portable fan in the industry, plus it’s super quiet, high speed, adjustable, and durable. Power the Breeze with any 12V source found in every car, truck, boat or RV, or one of GoSun’s optional solar panels or Powerbanks. 

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360º vertical tilting head

Adjust the direction of airflow for use in any situation

Energy efficient heat relief

With the highest efficiency rating on the market, the Breeze can run directly from GoSun Solar Chargers. Stay cool for as long as the sun shines, then switch to a powerbank to continue running overnight.

360˚ of cooling power

Designed with a vertical tilting head, the Breeze offers amazing versatility - use on a table and in the sand at the beach or hang overhead in a tent, RV, or cabin.

How it works

The Breeze can run off any 12 volt power source like a car, boat or RV. Additionally for extra versatility, it can be powered by any external power banks like GoSun's Power 144 or 266 or directly from solar energy produced by GoSun's Solar Chargers.

17" (180mm)

15" (420mm)

8" (385mm)

Weight: 4.5lbs

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