Break Free From the Grid and Cruise with this Solar Electric Boat from GoSun!

Break Free From the Grid and Cruise with this Solar Electric Boat from GoSun!

Summer is fast approaching - and millions will be heading out on the water for recreation and relaxation. But recent legislation may be putting the brakes on your plans to enjoy the outdoors this season. With traditional fuel sources being phased out due to environmental issues, many boaters are forced to find an alternative to stay afloat.

But boaters will not be denied. Along with the rise in electric vehicles has come a revolutionary sustainable option to power your boat; electric-powered boats. A growing market (expected to soon reach $19 billion) is bringing new and exciting options to adventurers looking for an alternative.

The GoSun Elcat - the newest solar-powered electric boat to hit the waves - is one of these new and innovative options. This unique boat is powered by the sun, providing a clean, sustainable way to cruise the waters without relying on traditional fuel sources.



With its superior speed and maneuverability, long-lasting battery life, and silent operation, this dynamic vessel gives you the freedom to break free from the grid and explore.


Out With The Gas, In With The Sun

The meteoric rise in interest in electric boats has come along partly due to increasing emission regulations.

According to the International Maritime Organization (IMO), ships release roughly 1 billion metric tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere each year - an amount equal to Texas and California's combined annual carbon output. This has led to new legislation that requires ships - from mega-sized container ships to smaller recreation vessels - to reduce their emissions to meet UN standards.

San Pablo Reservoir, located in the Bay Area, has recently become the first lake in California to reduce access for 2-cycle engines. To comply, boaters are encouraged to use 4-cycle engines and receive an enviro sticker decal to mark their engine as pollution-free. This initiative was brought forward by the Bluewater Network of San Francisco, which noted that older 2-cycle outboards do not meet the air and water pollution standards.

A State Air Resources Control Board report revealed that a 2-cycle personal watercraft operating for two hours emits as much air pollution as a 1998 car running for 130,000 miles. This has led to the conclusion that 2-cycle engines can disperse up to 5 gallons of fuel/oil mix into the lake every two hours.

The continued efforts to ban 2-cycle engines are part of a larger movement aiming to reduce boat motor emissions and water pollution across California and other parts of the United States. And as more boating locations enforce these restrictions, there is an increasing demand for sustainable alternatives such as electric boats.

Why Go Solar?

Making the switch to an electric-only boat might seem like  a daunting task. But by jumping the gas-powered-plank, you can take advantage of the many benefits electric boating has to offer.

1. A Cheaper Investment

Modern, gas-powered boats are an investment that begins to depreciate when you take them off the trailer. But electric motors require very little maintenance and typically last longer than traditional 4-stroke engines, which makes for a much cheaper long-term commitment.   And now thanks to GoSun, a solar electric boat is affordable.

2. More Power and Speed

Just like with electric cars, electric motors are much more efficient than traditional gas-powered engines, meaning there’s less power loss due to friction and waste heat, and acceleration is faster and smoother.  That means more fun for you and less impact on the environment.

3. Zero Pollution

Electric-powered boats are the way to go if you are looking for a green alternative to traditionally powered boats.  Now, you can easily enjoy nature without worrying about your impact, with no emissions and very little noise.

4. Quieter Operation

Adding to the list of electric boating benefits is that they run much quieter than gas-powered boats, indeed almost silent.  This allows for a more enjoyable and peaceful boat ride and keeps your impact on wildlife minimal.

How GoSun Brings A Sustainable Solution

The GoSun Elcat Solar Powered Electric Boat is an eco-friendly, lightweight, and energy-efficient craft that provides a perfect solution for boaters who want to explore the waterways without worrying about fuel costs. 

Crafted with patented DWF (double wall fabric) technology, this inflatable boat weighs only 264 lbs., making it easy to transport and store. Its power-efficient design allows it to reach up to 6 mph with only 1.3 kW / 2 HP of power, giving it excellent maneuverability in calm waters or even milder weather conditions.

With its energy-efficient design, lightweight construction, and capability of reaching up to 6 mph, the Gosun Elcat Solar Powered Electric Boat is an ideal choice for anyone looking to make the most of their time on the water.

Best of all, it comes with a price tag of only $12,750, and delivery is estimated for May 1.  So if you’re ready to get out on the water and stay sustainable, the Gosun Elcat Solar Powered Electric Boat may be the perfect fit!

Stay On The Water This Summer with Gosun

With increasing regulation on emissions and noise, now is the time to invest in a sustainable solution for your electric boat. Plus, you'll be on the front end of a fast-growing market, becoming the preferred choice for boaters across the United States and beyond.

The Gosun Elcat Solar Powered Electric Boat is an innovative way to enjoy the outdoors without relying on traditional fuel sources. It provides a clean and sustainable alternative that allows you to break free from the grid and stay out there longer, exploring the waterways wherever your heart desires.

Stop waiting for summer and start planning for it today - make the switch to an eco-friendly electric boat. With Gosun, you can have a unique outdoor experience while taking responsibility for your carbon footprint and protecting your environment.

Want to learn more? Visit the Gosun website today and get ready to set sail!

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