Does The Chillest Hold More Beer Than Any Other Cooler?

Does The Chillest Hold More Beer Than Any Other Cooler?

GoSun has spent years developing incredible solar-powered electric appliances, from ovens to water purifiers to coffee makers. One of its most popular items was the Chill, an electric cooler that needs no ice and can run completely on solar power. Without packing ice, campers have been able to fit twice as much food and drink as conventional coolers. Plus, its battery power bank allows charging on any USB-connected device.

GoSun has managed to top itself and produce an electric refrigerator that is even better. We're proud to present the Chillest, the ultimate solar-powered refrigeration system.

The 45-liter cooler prepares one for any outdoor event with a built-in battery and all-terrain wheels plus thoughtful extras like inside lighting, tie-down straps, and organization baskets. It also has a built-in compressor that sets the temperature with a range from -4°F to 68°F (-20°C to 20°C).

Without ice, 100% of the cooler's volume is available. GoSun Chillest has nearly double the room for food and drinks when compared with coolers of equal dimensions.

Other extras include an umbrella and a Bluetooth speaker that can be attached to the side of the fridge.

Right now the Chillest is available on Indiegogo via its crowdfunding campaign. But this offer is only available until June 11 to purchase the best solar fridge on the market.

As of this writing, GoSun has been named an Indiegogo Best Pick and hit nearly 4,000% of the original fundraising goal. Doing 40 times better than intended is always a good surprise!

The Chillest has been getting great press for its innovative design. Theresa Villenueve from Gadgeteer notes that this portable freezer makes the owner the only person on the beach with ice cream: "Finally an Indiegogo project I can get behind! The GoSun Chillest is a solar-powered cooler that has both a freezer zone and a refrigerator zone. They claim they can hold in popsicles at the beach for up to 10 hours, no ice required!"

Auto Evolution praises the Chillest for its innovative design and portability. They also liked its special features, like the bottle opener and food baskets:

"GoSun Chillest comes with some really impressive cooling abilities. It has a built-in 100 Wh (watt-hour) lithium battery that has a 10-hour lifetime. There’s also a solar table included that can be attached to the fridge and provides an additional 25W of solar power. And yet a third, optional external battery for the Chillest gives 30 more hours of cooling power."

"There are also some really nice accessories included with the Chillest, such as a bottle opener, organization baskets for your food and beverages, tie-down straps, and a cutting board. You can also opt for a Bluetooth speaker that you can attach to the side of the fridge and an umbrella."

There is one last issue that needs to be discussed: How many extra cans of beer the Chillest holds. If a cooler doesn't need any ice, then presumably it can hold more cans of beer than a conventional cooler. To figure that out, first, some calculations are necessary.

To figure out how much ice one needs when using a cooler, according to estimates from Business Insider, the ratio is ten pounds for every 12 drinks. That's a lot of ice—the weight of the coolant ends up being far heavier than the weight of the drinks. Plus it costs $1-3 each time the cooler is filled up.

Here's how many beers the Chillest holds. Thanks to its 45-liter (11.8-gallon) capacity, it can hold up to 60. That's nearly three cases. One would be hard-pressed to run short with that much drink on hand!

Not only does the Chillest have a large capacity, but it chills down food and drink incredibly fast. The Chillest has a built-in 100 Wh (watt-hour) lithium battery that has a 10-hour lifetime. GoSun's Solar Table can be attached to the Chillest to provide an additional 25W of solar power. A third, optional external battery for the Chillest provides 30 more hours of cooling power.

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