How Does The GoSun Fusion Work?

How Does The GoSun Fusion Work?

So How Does This Hybrid Solar Oven Work?

The Fusion’s Hybrid Solar + Electric Technology enables cooking anywhere, anytime thanks to the oven's vacuum tube, known for its advanced thermal performance. Five times more efficient than a normal oven cook meals with the energy needed to power a lightbulb.



How to Power the GoSun Fusion? 

If you’re out of power and sunlight, the GoSun Fusion can be powered from anything that can provide 150 Watts at 12 Volt. This includes 12 Volt Outlets or Power Source from carport jacks (cigarette lighter port), boat or RV battery and much more*.

A perfect way to power your GoSun Fusion Hybrid Electric Cooking is with the optional, lithium-ion battery powerbank. The two pound powerbank allows for up to one hour of off-grid cooking power. Just recharge your powerbank with the provided AC adapter (wall plug) after your adventure and you’re ready to do it all over again; or recharge the powerbank with the optional 20 Watt solar panel to remain completely off-grid.

GoSun will provide access to additional accessories to support other power sources such as an AC Wall Socket or 12 Volt battery. 

Cooking under full sun is always nice with a solar cooker, but GoSun operates under a wide range of conditions; cloudy, freezing, muggy, snowing, windy, dusty, you name it, nothing is off limits.  Now, with the electric heater, the cooking never ends.

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