The Best Solar Lamps in 2021

The Best Solar Lamps in 2021

There's a growing need for energy-efficient solar lighting for homes, highways, and commercial use. With the declining costs of solar lighting systems, along with favorable government grants and initiatives, solar lamps are more desirable than ever. Plus, you can't deny the convenience of not having to do all the wiring work to make your lighting system workable.

But not all solar lamps are created equal. Some use low-quality batteries that can't hold a charge, or cheap panels that don't gather enough power. Plus, not all solar lamps are designed to handle the same challenges. Sometimes you just need a flashlight. Other times you need a floodlight. Lucky for you, GoSun has designed solar lamps to feed every specific illumination need you have. Scroll down to see how easy it is to light up the world with nothing but the power of the Sun. 


The Solar Cabin Lights


Light your home, cabin, workshop, shed or outdoors with this Solar Lighting System. These solar lanterns can light up to four rooms or one large off-grid workshop. Mobile phone charging is supported via USB output.

It comes with a solar control box, 8W solar panel, four lamps, and a power cable.

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Solar Lamp 50

This portable solar light provides 50 lumen of light. The lower setting provides 20 lumens of light for more than 6 hours; a perfect solar lantern which is ideal for reading, cooking or lighting up your home.

  - Weighs only 6 ounces - great for backpacking and camping

  - 1 full day of sunshine will completely recharge the battery


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The Solar Flashlight

This easily rechargeable flashlight packs 280 lumens and brightens anything up. Best of all, with an integrated solar cell, it can recharge using solar energy alone, but if you want to juice it up faster, it can also be recharged with the included USB cord. It comes with three settings: lantern mode, spotlight ability, and a red strobe emergency setting. A magnetic back allows for hands free use.

  • Weight: 0.3 lb
  • Lumens: 280
  • Charges USB devices
  • Multiple modes: Lantern, Spotlight, and Emergency
  • For faster re-charging use: SolarFlex 10 or Powerbank


  • Multi-Functional: This device works as a flashlight, power bank, working light, and warning light
  • Charge Electronics: Connect other electronic devices to the flashlight to charge them via the integrated USB port
  • Magnetic Bottom: Attach to surfaces for hands free use
  • Vertical Lantern Mode: An illuminating bright white light allows the flashlight to double as a lantern
  • Emergency Strobe Function: The side lantern doubles as an emergency red strobe light
  • Weather Resistant: Rain, sleet, and snow won’t hold this flashlight back. This is a reliable light for any weather scenario.
  • Drop Resistant: Durable no matter how rough the road gets
  • 40x brighter than kerosene
  • USB charging port
  • 100 hours of light on low mode


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Bringing It All Together

Check out this video to see what happens when all the lights come together. You can easily light up a small house with nothing but the power of the Sun, even hours after sunset.

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