Travel Coffee Makers That Don't Need Electricity (Grid Electricity, That Is)

Travel Coffee Makers That Don't Need Electricity (Grid Electricity, That Is)

A good cup of coffee isn't just a carrier for caffeine. The ritual that goes into making coffee is where the magic really is, the sound of grinding beans and percolation of the coffee pot; the smell of the brewing liquid fills a java lover with anticipation.

But sometimes you are away from home and don't have access to your favorite coffee pot. You don't want to rely on gas station coffee or worse, go without. What do you do?

There are a number of portable coffee makers on the market, but as you will see in this article, the GoSun Brew is the best travel coffee maker out there. That's because it doesn't need electricity (or at least no grid energy).

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There's nothing better than a hot cup of coffee on a cold morning or during a camping trip. The problem, though, is that if you happen to be out in nature, powering everything else besides your coffee maker. After all,  a coffee maker is never enough by itself. For a hot cup of coffee, you need to heat water and have a portable stove  on hand. If this isn't  available, you need to put your   a  iron pot on the fire to boil water  (and it's probably coated with bacon grease, making for water that isn't optimal to put in your french press).

That's where solar-powered portable coffee makers come in. If you don’t have easy access to power when you’re in the RV, on a boat, in the cabin,or at camp, then these  are a godsend. Campfires are not always allowed at campsites, especially at national parks. But you can still enjoy a morning brew by powering your coffee maker with the sun.

And GoSun, which has invented everything from incredible solar stoves to off-grid fridges to entire solar kitchens -- has cracked the code on solar-powered coffee makers. Introducing the GoSun Brew, an all-in-one coffee pot that combines a 130-Watt heater, integrated french press, drink-thru opening and leak-proof lid, all in one cup. This doubled insulated mug will keep your coffee hot for hours.

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The GoSun Brew is the ultimate solar powered coffee maker for people on the go.

Gas station coffee doesn't cut it and setting up a cook stove requires a bunch of parts, time, and planning. With GoSun Brew, all you need is coffee grinds, water and a 12 volt outlet - found in every car, truck, boat or RV or GoSun Powerbank. 

There’s so much to love about GoSun Brew: 

 Holds 12oz, plenty to last all morning

 Fits in car cup holder within easy reach of your 12V outlet

 Keeps drinks hot for hours

 Easy to clean stainless steel Mug is safe to hand was

 BPA free Lid is safe in dishwasher.

The Brew also does more than make coffee. Making coffee is critical, but narrow thinking only about the world's highest traded commodity is limiting. GoSun Brew can do so much more:

 Reheat beverages and maintain your preferred temperature, allowing you to do a controlled warm-up for everything from baby formula to dipping sauce

 Brew tea or hot cocoa

 Make instant meals that only need water (oatmeal, ramen, etc.)

 Pasteurize water 

There are a million ways to make a cup of coffee, but GoSun Brew is by far the most simple and mobile.  Just add coffee grounds or loose tea and water, Brew will do the rest. Here are all the things you don’t need with the Brew that you do need with a normal coffee maker for camping:  stove (gas, lighter, fire, etc.), kettle or pot, grid power, separate french press or filters, and cups

It’s a stainless steel cup, french press and heater in one that makes tea or coffee anywhere. Plus, you get solar power from a compact, portable Powerbank.

Here's the Brew in action: 



So  there you go. The Brew is the best solar powered coffee maker you can find, and it's available to pre-order right now.

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