GoSun Fusion

Delicious food in a better way.

Feed a family

With a 100 oz cooking tray you can cook a meal for five within an hour

Cook at night

Cook with the Sun during the day and plug it in at night


Vacuum tube oven is super-insulated, works in clouds and snow


Setup in seconds and collapses into a durable package


Solar by day, electric by night.

If you’re out of sunlight, the GoSun Fusion can be powered from your car, boat, RV, or option Powerbank. A solar oven that transforms into the most efficient oven ever.

Heats up to 550°F

Thanks to vacuum insulation, the oven can bake, boil or fry with nothing but sunshine. Temperature can be adjusted by simply leaning toward or away from the Sun.

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Bake, boil, roast, fry

Unlike a grill, food comes out moist, tender and full of nutrition. There is not an easier or healthier way to cook outdoors.


A better way to cook

Outdoor cooking has always required burning and the drama that comes with fire. The Fusion's Solar + Electric Hybrid Oven is clean, reliable, and safe.

Smelly, smoky, & dangerous. Need to keep buying fuel.

Steams, bakes, roasts, & boils using only the sun.

Get yours for as low as $41/mo with Affirm.

GoSun Has Answers: FAQ's

What can I cook in a Solar Oven?

Anything you can bake, roast, steam or fry. For some culinary inspiration check out the GoSun Recipe Blog.

How much Sun do I need to cook?

You might be surprised how little Sun is needed to finish a meal in a GoSun oven. As a rule of thumb, the stove will cook quickly if you can see a defined shadow, it will continue to cook even when overcast, windy and freezing. If clouds are spotty, cooking is still possible, cooking will take longer as the stove builds up heat during the sunny periods

How do I know when my food is done?

Many foods will finish cooking when the internal temperature of the food hits near 212°F (100°C) in the GoSun oven. Thus, steam is a strong indicator of a dish's progress. Noticing smell is another surprisingly intuitive way to judge your food's progress. Give it a couple tries and you'll be a pro. Finally, the GoSun Thermo temperature probe, is a smart device that informs your phone about what's happening to your meal.

How long will it take to cook? How hot does the Fusion get?

The length of cooking time depends on Sun exposure and what exactly you are trying to cook. The Fusion’s Max temp can reach as high as 550°F (288°C) and a meal for five can be completed in just one hour.

Is it easy to clean?

You bet. Soap and water does the job. You'll just need to clean the cooking tray between uses (not dishwasher safe). Cleaning the inside of the tube is done occasionally due to food steam.