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Solar Kitchen Pro

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Brew, Cook, Cool, Charge, Water

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Meet all of your off-grid needs with comfort, reliability, and performance: Cook, Refrigerate, Purify water and set up a sink or shower, Brew coffee, Charge devices, and Re-charge with a Solar Table. This bundle comes with a GoSun Table 60, Power 266, Power 144, Chill, Fusion, Flow Pro, and Brew.

Fuel the Family Fuel the Family
Solar Powered Solar Powered
Charge Devices Charge Devices

Weight & Dimensions

5 lbs

14" (Faucet)
18" x 13.5" x 7" (Sink - open)
18" x 13.5" x 2" (Sink - closed)

9 liters

28 lbs

23.5" x 19" x 16"

40 L

Cable length
7 ft

14 lbs

24" x 8" x 8.5"

145 oz

- BREW -
1 lb

8.75" x 2.75"

16 oz

Cable length
8 ft

- POWER 144 -
2.2 lbs

6.9" x 4.2" x 1.7"

- POWER 266 -
3.1 lbs

9" x 4.9" x 1.75"

24.5 lbs

48" x 28" x 19-27"

75 lbs

Tech Specs

- Flow Pro -
Material: ABS (Sink), Silicone (Sink), Stainless steel (Clamp), Cast aluminum (Clamp), Acetal (Faucet), Nylon (Faucet)
Power source: USB, Electricity
Filter life: 1000 L
Flow rate: 0.9 LPM
Max pressure: 15 PSI
Pump type: 0.9 LPM

- Chill-
Insulation: R-10, Closed cell polyurethane foam
Compressor: DC Brushless (runs on 12 or 24 Volt), draws 35-45 W
Power Output: 230W (full sun)

- Solartable 60 -
Material: Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Tempered Glass
Power Output: 60w
Ports: 5.5 x 2.1mm Coaxial Connector

- Fusion -
Meals per load: 4-6
Max temp: 550ºF
Power Output: 200W-225W (full sun)
Works under clouds: Yes
Works at night: Yes
Power source: Sun, Electric

- Power 144 -
Material: ABS Shell
Power Output: 144 Wh
Power Input: 20V 2A max (AC Adapter) Max Voc 28Vdc (Solar PV)
Ports: USB (3x), Cigarette Lighter (1x)
Power source: Electric

- Power 266 -
Material: Rugged ABS + Rubber Shell
Power Output: Wireless Charging: 10W maximum Qi
Main Output: 12V at up to 15A dc
Port 1: USB-C PD 60W (IN or OUT) 5v-3A, 9V-3A, 12V-3A, 15V-3A, 20V-3A.
Port 2: DC 5.5x2.1mm: Out [12V-5A, 16.5V-4A, 20V-3.5A, 24V-3A], In [17-20V, 4A max]
Port 3: USB-A Output: 4.5V-5A, 5V-4.5A, 9V-2A, 12V-1.5A
Port 4: USB-C Output: 5V-3A, 9V-3A,12V-2.25A, PPS: 3.3-11V @3A

- Brew -
Material: 304 Stainless Steel, BPA Free Plastic, Silicone
Power Output: 130W
Power Input: 9-15V DC, DB-14 Connector

What's included

Flow Pro, Sink, Faucet, Power Cable, Filter Housing, Filter Pad

Chill, Solar Cooler, AC Adapter, 12V Power Cord, Bungee Cords (2x), User Manual

Fusion Hybrid Solar/Electric Oven, Powered Cooking Tray, PowerCord, SolarDial, User Manual, Carrying Case, Silicone Pans X 3

SolarTable 60, User Manual

- POWER 144 -
144 Wh PowerBank+, Soft-Touch Case, AC Adapter | Wall Charger, User Manual

- POWER 266 -
Power 266, 8 Common DC Adapters, Neoprene Sleeve, AC Adapter, User Manual

- BREW -
Brew, User Manual, Power Cord

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No compromise, solar is simply better

No compromise, solar is simply better

You don't have to worry about re-supplying ice, re-fueling the fire or swapping dead batteries. This self-contained, autonomous set-up will meet your families needs in good times and during tough times.

Solar by day, electric by night

Breakthrough vacuum solar oven cooks delicious meals for six in an hour under full Sun. If you’re out of sunlight, the GoSun Fusion can be powered from 12V found in your car, boat, RV, or GoSun's Powerbanks.

Stay cool with the sun

To keep the adventure going, the GoSun Chill minimizes space needed for ice and maximizes space for fresh food, cold drinks, and fun times.



The bundle includes the GoSun Table 60, Power 266, Power 144, Chill, Fusion, Flow Pro, and Brew.

The Solar Kitchen Pro bundle can cook, refrigerate, purify water and set up a sink or shower, brew coffee, charge devices, and re-charge with a Solar Table

The Fusion can cook for 4-6 people.

Yes, the Flow Pro can purify and filter water for drinking. On one charge, it can filter up to 100 gallons.

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