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The GoSun Sport® can bake, roast, and steam a meal for two people in just 20 minutes. The included Brew boils water for quick tea and coffee. It's light and compact, so you can take it anywhere.

Weight & Dimensions



7 lbs


24" x 16" x 12"



5.6 oz


10" x 2" x 2.5"

Tech Specs



39 oz

Meals per load


Max temp


Works under clouds


Works at night


Power source




Stainless Steel

Culinary-Grade Silicone


14 oz

In the Box


Solar Oven

Cooking Tray

Cleaning Brush


Cook Book

User Manual


Solar Water Boiler

User Manual

Carry Case
Silicone Cups (10-pack)
Extra Cook Tray
Meals in minute

Our fastest solar oven can cook meals in just 20 minutes.

Boil liquids

Perfect for tea, coffee, dehydrated foods and sterilizing water.


Rain, clouds, & snow. If you can see a shadow, it will cook.


Silicone Baking Trays offer non-stick, easy cleanup.

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Ultra-portable. Lightning fast. ⚡

Sets up in seconds and clamshells into a slim package weighing 7.5 lbs. Perfect for RVing, camping or just relaxing in the backyard.

Sport | How to Clean

Sport | How it Works

Nature's microwave

Cooks anything, never burns.

Meals stay hot and juicy for hours thanks to vacuum insulation and high-temp. silicone seals.

Perfect for




Emergency Prep

Boil water with the sun.

The included Brew is perfect for tea & coffee. Feeling hungry? Add hot water to dry foods for a warm meal.

Bring it anywhere.

With all this capability, we want you to take it with you, anywhere the road may lead. So we designed a rugged bag that fits everything and provides some cushion on the long haul. Keep your mess kit stored in the bag and you're ready to cook out anytime.


Which oven is right for me?

Fusion Sport Go
Weight 14 lbs 7 lbs 2 lbs
Dimensions 23" x 13" x 13" 24" x 16" x 12" 14.17" x 7" x 3.37"
Cook time 60 minutes 20 minutes 20-45 minutes
Meals per load 4-6 2-3 1
Max Temperature 550 ºF 550 ˚F 550 ºF
Capacity 145 oz 39 oz 13.5 oz
Works under clouds Yes Yes Yes
Works at night Yes No No


Can I take the GoSun Sport as a carry-on?

Yes. The GoSun Sport is typically accepted within carry-on and check baggage on all domestic and international flights. To prevent damage when flying, pad your tube and the aluminum bracket with foam harvested from your original packaging or use a similar blanket or towel. This wrapping will help to keep impacts from the reflectors or bracket from making their way to the tube. If transported as a carry-on our carrying case will do just the trick

How long does the GoSun Sport take to set up?

Just unfold the legs, add food, and aim towards the Sun. It's that simple!

What can I cook in a solar oven?

Bake, roast, steam and fry, the GoSun Sport is a versatile cooker! For some culinary inspiration check out the GoSun Recipe Blog.

Can kids use the GoSun Sport?

The GoSun technology is perfect for teaching kids the power of the Sun. Staying cool to touch even when roasting hot on the inside, the solar vacuum tube displays key principles of thermodynamics and electromagnetism with every use. Plus, it's a ton of fun to play around with!

How do I hide my tray handle for storage?

Each GoSun Sport comes equipped with a Hideaway Tray System. Simply unscrew the handle and thread it onto the inside of the tray for compact storage. Note: When storing the Sport in its carrying case, simply pop the tray in the tray pocket for fast and easy storage.

How can I boil water with the GoSun Sport?

Boiling water with the GoSun Sport is a breeze with the included GoSun Brew accessory. Just heating water for rice or other staple grains? Just add your dried food to the tray and insert it into the stove to reduce the chance to spilling water. With the tray cracked open a couple inches, add in your water, then close.  

Keep in mind the Sport and Go will not rapidly boil water like a standard stovetop. Instead, it will bring water to a gradual boil (approx. 35 minutes of full sunlight for 2 cups of coffee). The GoSun technology cooks food more rapidly than it boils water due to the comparatively high density of liquids over food.

Where can I find a digital version of my User's Manual?

User Manuals for all GoSun products can be found here.

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    09 Jul 2020
    Christopher K.
    Australia Australia
    I recommend this product
    A fantastic solar cooker that is really cool!

    Simple but so effective

    • Location Adelaide Australia
    • Age 55 to 64
    • Gender Male
    • Quality
    • Performance
    • Ease of use
    25 Jun 2020
    wyndell c.
    United States United States
    I recommend this product
    1st try

    Hey all, I thought since you wanted to know how I felt about the GoSun Sport well here you go. Great day for a Bar B Q so I put some steaks on the grill on a low heat but before that I cleaned the go sun sport I previously read the instructions and set it up on a table next to my Bar B Q. I chopped up white potato's and added some shredded carrot's I used Avocado oil on the tray and added a sprinkle of McCormick Sweet onion and herb. Then slid the tray in and aimed it towards the sun. Then I paid attention to the grill. The sun was good at 4 pm and it didn't take too long before I noticed the steam rising from the vent. 45 minutes I let it cook before I took a tater out to try. It was done to perfection. My wife was floored at how good it turned out. She thought it looked funny and had no faith in it. We made a believer out of her in one side dish. LOL I kinda wish it was shorter and wider just to be able to load it up better but it would slow the cooking time I'm sure. My wife wants to use it again tomorrow :) I am sure I will. This is a great little unit and I am very glad I bought it. The GoSun team must be proud of this little Gem. One happy Camper.... Wayne.

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