Day 4: I Could Get Used to This All the Time

Day 4: I Could Get Used to This All the Time

Again, the day was long and the sun was good to us. We woke in the pine forest and then went exploring one of the world’s largest springs pushing 400,000 gallons per second of clear, fresh water. Like us, the wildlife was right at home.

Before taking a boat tour we set up a GoSun arsenal and made a small feast. A couple cooking tips thrown in along with some potatoes for later. We had a lot of driving to do so we got some cooking down creatively through the van windows. It worked.

Dinner was incredible- a healthy mix of Caribbean sweet potato and veggie chili. We finished it off with carefully timed bites of brownies that stayed hot and chewy while stored in the GoSun Grill.

The only bummer is that I had to send my girlfriend, Emily, back home today. She has a real job... (nurse at Cincinnati Public Health Dept.) She was super helpful the past four days. I will miss her so much, as I’m barely getting familiar with this 40 day challenge.

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