Day 5: Sunshine and Flower Power

 Day 5: Sunshine and Flower Power

Sunny days are easy, especially when you don’t have far to go. The GoSun Grill and I got a chance to stretch our legs. It was in the sun at first light and was slow boiling water by 9:30 for coffee and oatmeal.

We do everything together. Much like Tom Hanks in Castaway, with his love for the volleyball, “Wilson,” now being alone for a bit, I’m beginning to look at these stoves as my companions, “GoSun.” I’m not going crazy but I’m kinda falling in love all over again.

Days like this make me believe this 40 day challenge was a great idea. Perhaps it is too early to conclude, but I can feel a renewed light within me. A burning to get out there and cook in all that glory. I’m learning lots and seeking ways to share. Light within me, recognizing light within you. Namaste.

Today I cooked, brewed and swam until my heart’s content. Meals weren’t beautiful so I took some shots of flowers to supplement for your viewing pleasure. Oatmeal (just add water type), eggs and veggies, heaps of creamed spinach, tuna casserole and coconut pumpkin bread for dessert.

Peace, love and light - Because it helps and it works. 


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