10 Reasons to Invest in GoSun

10 Reasons to Invest in GoSun

1. GoSun has sold over 100,000 solar products to over 78 countries

Traction is often rare in early stage investing, but GoSun's Innovation Machine is all about placing real products in real markets, 

2. Our technology is patented

We now have been issued 8 patents!  This makes us the undisputed owner of the fuel-free cooking space.  Our patented technology allows you to cook in the freezing cold, in the clouds, and even at night!    https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/gosun-sport-e-a-solar-oven-that-cooks-at-night#/

3. The solar community believes in us

We now have over 3,000 shareholders, many of whom are also customers. The power of this community drives us to innovate and serve others. 

4. Investing in Solar helps combat inflation and climate change

During 2022, we saw the advancement of Russia’s military force in Ukraine, and the average gas price increased by 60%. Indeed in Europe, prices for gas have ranged from $7 to $9 per gallon, and utility bills have doubled!

5. We've taken solar cooking and solar cooling mainstream

Can REI, Home Depot, Amazon, American RedCross, and the UN Foundation all be wrong? These organizations and many others have recognized the benefit of GoSun's solar appliances and brought us big business. 

6. Investing $1,000 will get you a free solar oven

Not only are you investing in a company creating a brighter future, you'll also take home a piece of the technology to witness for yourself. 

7. Solar is the future

Burning gas and oil is expensive, and is bad for the planet.  Solar is renewable, clean, and is now proven to be more reliable.


 The World Bank Group estimates the global cleantech market at $6.4 trillion by 2023.   https://www.wavteq.com/news-blogs/2021/april/wavteq-institute-releases-cleantech-investor-shortlists

8. Our team is superpowered

We have more than four decades of experience in the cleantech industry, +$100M in sales, and two public companies

9. We are an innovation machine

In 2022, we released the Breeze, a super efficient brushless fan that can run directly off the sun or up to 6 days of our portable power bank, the Sport-E, and an off-grid solar camper..... and the best is yet to come.

10. We're making an impact

We have donated and sold hundreds at discount products to non profits, governmental agencies, and disaster relief organizations throughout the USA, Africa, South America, and Asia.