Another Promising Haiti Pilot Trip

Another Promising Haiti Pilot Trip

The GoSun Stove is breaking ground a difficult market, deep in the mountains of rural Haiti.

The following story comes from our partners Don Miller and the Friends of Belle Riviére, who accepted early GoSun prototypes for testing last year.

"The GoSun ovens were well received. Our cooks and the women’s group all seemed genuinely excited at the new potential the stove could offer. I challenged their true intention openly inviting them to say “no” early on and save everyone a lot of trouble if they didn’t really want to “give up” charcoal (even though the oven will only supplement charcoal). They responded with a resounding interest in the oven.

(Most have never cooked in an oven and do not have an opportunity to bake. They sampled the cakes with great interest.)

We made noodles, quick breads, soups and, of course, “beans & rice,” but I didn’t have a chance to taste that. Three days of experiments left little doubt that the oven could handle pretty much anything they put in it, we just had to practice technique. All were amazed at the efficiency of the ovens…. naturally…. they contradict our “solar” concept.

On the third and last day available for cooking the sky was clear and the ovens were HOT clarifying any doubts about their ability to boil water. The girls were careful to keep potholders nearby.


There were no significant “complaints,” but many suggested the oven could be larger. I tried to put the size in context of development explaining that, at least for now, the answer to the size issue is multiple ovens.

Not surprisingly TPC is interested in the prospect of “manufacturing/assembling” and marketing ovens from B-R. Likewise Laraque (our translator and community spokesman) is open to the idea of helping."

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