Welcome to GoSun

Welcome to GoSun

Learn how a portable, convenient, fast sun oven can change your life... and save the planet.
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Hello and thanks for checking out the all-new GoSun Stove! A one of a kind solar cooker that can be taken anywhere to prepare meals under the sun in just ten minutes.

  • It’s very Portable
  • It’s totally Safe; nothing hot to the touch
  • And It’s Easy to Use

The GoSun is designed with Parabolic reflectors that fold in and out like a clam shell to protect the borosilicate glass tube. When open, the reflectors triple the sun’s energy. The GoSun Stove will roast about three pounds of food in 20 minutes and reach temperatures over 500 degrees.

  • It’s super fast and tons of fun
  • It’s clean and green in more ways than the obvious

There’s no need for charcoal or propane, no open flame, no implements, no worries. There’s also no mess, with use of the handy cooking tray. Clean up is a breeze with the included scrubby brush.

Really it’s just up to you and the sun.

Buy your space-age solar cooker today!

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