A Note From Our Founder, Patrick Sherwin

A Note From Our Founder, Patrick Sherwin

The journey has been intense and challenging at times, but, there’s nothing we’d rather be doing than making incredible solar cookers.

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5-years of constant adventure and yet GoSun is just getting started….

Since starting GoSun in 2013, I’ve learned more than I could imagine about myself, others, GoSun technology and starting a business.  It’s been a real dream to bring solar ovens to 25,000 happy customers worldwide.  The journey has been intense and challenging at times, but speaking not only for myself, but the entire GoSun Team, there’s nothing we’d rather be doing.

We are grateful you’ve joined the Fuel-Free Frontier with GoSun.  It’s been five years, fighting the good fight, creating our best ideas and giving our best efforts to transform outdoor cooking.  GoSun was founded to help the world move away from a carbon-based society.  Our products disrupt the typical outdoor kitchen by utilizing energy from the Sun to promote cleanliness, health, and independence. In developing countries, GoSun is committed to breaking a cycle of poverty wrapped around cooking with solid fuels and removing dangerous inhalants causing millions of deaths annually.

It has been said that, “all things excellent, are as difficult, as they are rare.” Now, we both know GoSun is far from perfect, but we are working towards excellence with every innovation.  We started small and blossomed with the typical start-up hype and novelty that carried us from 2014 through 2016. With ambition and hubris, we launched a couple of products before they were ready for production and paid the price of being on the bleeding edge.  By 2017, we had matured and refined our careful balance of art and science. 

In 2018, we launched our fifth stove (SportStationGrillGo and Fusion), starting a new chapter using electronics along with GoSun’s classic vacuum tube oven.  The Fusion is the culmination of several years of innovation, extending back to our United Nations funded pilot study in 2014, where we learned the importance of cooking in any weather condition and at night. We can't wait to get the Fusion into your hands; it is going to set another new standard.

We’d love to hear more from you; what works or doesn’t and what you’d like to see from us. After five years of working to understand our customers better, I’ve come to realize that those of us who’ve stepped into this alternative cooking style are not motivated by the typical consumer’s desire for the status quo and convenience (although GoSun really is an easier way to cook). Instead, we are drawn to challenges, discovery and the notion of a better, more resilient life, closer to nature and each other.

GoSun’s small, dedicated team is more excited now than ever before about what lies ahead.  We’ve seen the merits of our technology very intimately (…I only lost ten pounds) through my experiment to eat exclusively off GoSun, 40 Days of Sunshine, this past February and March. And to celebrate this 5-year benchmark with you, we’ll be offering our five best product bundles, one for every day of the week (starting Oct. 8th and ending Oct. 15th).  

With persistence and optimism, we are charged up about the challenges that lie ahead. We aren’t finished pushing the limits of clean technology to power a solar livelihood. With all the climate change and turmoil in our world, we have an uphill battle to validate the power of solar energy in our lives, but cooking without burning is a great place to start. Moving forward and upward, GoSun promises to help you Use More Sun, to keep your meals hot and your drinks cold.


For a Brighter Future, 


CEO / Founder