13 Things You Need In an Emergency Preparedness Kit

13 Things You Need In an Emergency Preparedness Kit

National Preparedness Month is here!

This year the theme of Ready.gov's Preparedness Month is this: Disasters Happen. Prepare Now. Learn How. With multiple hurricanes approaching the United States and many different disaster situations hitting every day, the time is now to get your emergency preparedness kit ready.

With our passion for people, the environment, and making a change for the positive in our society, we couldn't help but jump to create a kit that would help others be prepared. Our specific bundle is geared towards those in emergency situations that need to survive and thrive after disaster strikes.


Below we've mapped out the 13 things  Ready.gov suggests to have in a basic emergency preparedness kit, and we've shared a few of our suggestions of the best places to get the things needed. Plus we've mapped out how our kit integrates perfectly with their suggested items.

We suggest moving forward with creating a kit like this ASAP as disaster can strike at any time, especially during hurricane season.

#1 - Water (Assisted by GoSun Emergency Preparedness Kit)

They suggest one gallon of water per person per day for at least three days, for drinking and sanitation. However, we know this can be difficult to carry with you! So our GoSun Brew would be a helpful addition to add to your kit as it can pasteurize 14 ounces of water at a time. So you can plan to reduce the amount of drinking water in your kit and lighten your load as you prepare.

A bonus add-on after you pasteurize you could use the Grayl Ultralight Purifying water bottle to give your water a final cleaning.


#2 - Food (Cooked by GoSun Preparedness Kit)

Ready.gov recommends at least a three day supply of food ready to go in case of disaster. This is relatively simple to plan for. We recommend one of the two companies below as they have excellent supply options that are both easy to store and tasty too. All of their food options are cookable in our GoSun Stoves, and the Sport specifically which comes in the emergency preparedness kit is a perfect solar cooker for these meals.

#3 - Battery-powered or hand crank radio (Assisted by GoSun Preparedness Kit)

While this is indeed a valid suggestion and we think it could be a necessity if cellular infrastructure goes down. We suggest to keep your phone on hand and download the NOAA Weather Radio App. On it, you can hear all the latest warnings, broadcasts, and emergency alerts. Plus you can use your GoSun Portable Solar Phone Charger to be sure your phone won't lose charge, and you won't miss those crucial alerts.

#4 - Flashlight (Covered by GoSun Preparedness Kit)

We've got you 100% covered here! Our Solar Assisted Flashlight (Included free in our kit) is the perfect addition to your kit. It has multiple modes, including a lantern mode. It has a built-in rechargeable battery so that you can recharge with either your GoSun charger or trickle charge with the sun! Plus the USB adapter on the flashlight means that it too can be an alternate charging source for your portable goods.

#5 - First Aid Kit

This is a crucial preparedness piece of gear as many times disaster could mean injury and/or infection, even if it is minor. There are tons of first aid kits available, but one that we highly suggest would be a tube style kit offered by VSSL Gear. They have many options, including a customizable kit for your specific needs. We'd encourage you to check them out and learn more about how their small tube could help you in a large variety of disaster base scenarios.

#6 - Extra Batteries (Covered by GoSun Preparedness Kit)

Another area of the kit where we have you 100% covered! For your flashlight, phone, and other USB charging goods our GoSun Solar Phone charger will fill the need in a big way. You may need AAA or AA batteries for other items, but these days most things can be charged with USB and our charger that comes free in the emergency preparedness kit is likely your best option! Check it out and see how the kit can suit your needs.


#7 - Whistle to Signal For Help

A signal might be a rarely needed piece of equipment, but it certainly is a necessary piece to the puzzle. Don't be caught without one and be sure to grab even a cheap one from your local Walmart or Amazon.

#8 - Dust Mask

This is a small addition that could certainly help in the aftermath of a disaster. At a time when many potentially harmful particles are in the air, you want to be filtering that the best you can. You can go cheap with these and pick some up at a hardware store, or you can expand and get a deeper filtration option online.

#9 - Moist towelettes, garbage bags and plastic ties for personal sanitation

These items are a perfect grab at your local hardware store. Support local and small business and get prepared at the same time. All of these will be very helpful in your emergency preparedness kit.

#10 - Wrench or pliers to turn off utilities

This tool is great to have in a pinch! We recommend going a bit beyond just the wrench though. Try looking into a Leatherman Multi-Tool or something similar to be sure you are ultimately prepared for each situation. The multi-tool will take about the same amount of space as a wrench/pliers, and it will be able to do even more!

#11 - Manual can opener for food

This is a small and straightforward addition to your kit! We recommend hitting up your local dollar store for this as it doesn't need to be fancy!

Side note: With some of the meals on Backpackers Pantry and Good To GO Foods you won't need a can opener because of their perfect bag style design.

#12 - Local maps

This feature and recommendation by Ready.gov are best found locally or online. If you are of the techie generation you could actually go on your Google Maps app on your phone, and you can pinpoint the part of the map to download on your phone, so then you wouldn't need internet or cellular access to guide yourself. If you go this route, all you need is your phone and your GoSun Solar Charger!

The other option is to find a local paper map. You could find these at either a local travel agency, like AAA or even a rest stop or gas station on a highway nearby. These are readily available and can be very helpful in a disaster situation where roads are closed off, and you have to find another way around.

#13 - A cell phone with chargers and a backup battery (Covered by GoSun Preparedness Kit)

We have you 100% covered here as well. With our GoSun Solar Phone Charger, you can charge your phone, flashlight and more for hours! Our charger can charge your phone up to 5 full times without having to recharge, and that doesn't count it trickle charging with the sun.

Of the above 13 items our emergency preparedness kit helps to prepare you for 6 of them, and it does so creatively and efficiently which allows you to save space, time, and hassle when disaster comes.

We hope you as well as your friends and family are staying safe this season and we hope we can help you be prepared in all situations in the coming years.

Comment below if you have any questions at all about our emergency preparedness kit or the mission behind it.

Also, here are two of our excellent dealers who can help you get prepared! 

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