Best Off Grid Solar Trailer

Best Off Grid Solar Trailer

Benefits of GoSun Camp 365: A Solar Powered Adventure Camper

Traveling through the less-traveled roads is a great experience, and few people get the chance to do so. The excitement of seeing new sights, meeting new people, and exploring off-beat places is exhilarating. But, it also comes with uncertainties you can’t anticipate until you encounter them. However, if you are in one of those situations and need some reassurance that everything will be fine, then GoSun Camp 365 can be your best friend. There are several great benefits of opting for a solar-powered adventure camper instead of a regular camper van or car camping trip.

Many outdoor enthusiasts want the freedom of being able to take off and go. The problem with conventional trailers is they are too big, and too heavy. Furthermore, you need a large truck just to pull the units, and you have no place to store/park the trailer when you are not using it.
GoSun Camp365 is an ultra-lightweight trailer that only weighs 1,800 pounds, so you can tow it with nearly any vehicle, including electric cars, and due to its extremely small footprint when folded down, you can park it anywhere, essentially any normal parking space, including inside a garage.


What is a GoSun Camp 365?
The GoSun Camp 365 is a go-anywhere adventure trailer powered by solar. It is a comfortable and convenient camper that is perfect for those looking to experience the great outdoors without having to own a house and without the hassles of maintaining a permanent property. Gosun Camp 365 is a versatile and flexible campervan used for various recreational activities, including camping, fishing, and hunting. It is also convenient for hosting family get-togethers and social gatherings. When parked at home, the GoSun Camp 365 provides an emergency power system that can power all your electronic essentials as well as provide you with cooking, refrigeration, and freshwater. When you entertain guests, the GoSun Camp365 provides an instant and comfortable pop-up guest room!

Set Up in 10 Minutes
One of the things that people get curious about when they want to buy GoSun Camp 365 is how exactly how fast they can set it up. Since the campervan is lightweight, you can easily set it up or break it down in only 10 minutes.

Aluminum Frame Provides Durability
The GoSun Camp 365 is a durable vehicle. It comes with an aluminum camper body that makes it strong and durable. This camper is well manufactured and designed to last for an extended period. The exterior of the campervan is designed with high-quality coated polyester fabric. The fabric provides an anti-scuff, anti-rust, and anti-UV durability. The interior of the campervan is also designed with high-quality materials. It comes with a fully-enclosed, weatherproof, durable tent that provides excellent weather protection.

Lightweight, Easy to Tow, and Fold
The GoSun adventure campervan is lightweight and compact, making it easy to tow and transport. The campervan is also easy to store because it folds into a small space when not in use. Furthermore, the adventure campervan has a go-anywhere design, making it versatile and easy to tow. Its lightweight makes it easy to fold and store, saving you space in your garage or backyard.

Offers Shelter from the Storm
The solar panels on the roof of the GoSun Campervan charge the battery that provides power to the lights and appliances inside the campervan. The AC outlets can run AC appliances like your phone and laptop. You can also plug your 12V Gosun Sun Solar appliances like the cooler, solar oven, and battery charger. This is a great feature for outdoor trips as you don’t have to lug around heavy appliances every time you plan a trip. The reflective roof and side windows provide additional protection from the elements, including rain and snow.

Enough Storage Space
The GoSun adventure campervan opens to a spacious interior with a large storage area perfect for your family. The interior has a kitchenette equipped with a fridge, a sink, table, and beds. It can be used as a base while camping or on fishing expeditions.

Clean drinking water when one is on the go is critical, and the GoSun Flow water system can purify water from any source, whether a stream, river or lake. With the push of a button, a two watt USB powered pump moves water from the source through a filter. And this trailer has over 24 gallons of water storage on board. The portable collapsible sink unit can be used inside/outside along with the Flow water system.

The GoSun Camp 365 is a fully enclosed and equipped adventure campervan. The entire enclosure prevents unauthorized persons from entering or accessing it. It also has several safety features to make you feel perfectly secure while cruising in this adventure trailer. The built-in lock system further improves the level of safety.

A Comfortable Stay in Rural Areas
You will soon realize that the experience of camping in a solar-powered adventure trailer is incomparable to the experience of camping in a regular RV or car. You get to appreciate the beauty of nature and your surroundings more, making you more aware of your surroundings. And that is what you should always aim for on a road trip.



Solar panels and batteries power the GoSun adventure trailer. It is off-grid, meaning it does not need to be connected to the electricity grid to operate. Thus, it is not affected by electricity outages. It is especially ideal for people with limited resources who want to travel the world on a small budget, without paying for those expensive campsites.

Inflatable Beds
The GoSun Camp 365 is equipped with an inflatable bed to increase the level of comfort in your journey. The bed is made of high-quality material and comes with an innovative design. The bed is an inflatable design that is easy to inflate and deflate. It comes with an air pump which inflates the bed in a few minutes.

Camping is a beautiful experience and an ideal way to spend time with loved ones and family members. With impressive features, the GoSun Camp 365 makes your road trips much more exciting. This solar-powered adventure trailer provides all the basic amenities required for road trips. The trailer has a tent, kitchen area, and storage space, making it the perfect combination of comfort and convenience. It also has many other special features to offer as well.

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