Best Products In Case Of a Power Outage

Best Products In Case Of a Power Outage

Power outages can be incredibly overwhelming and scary, especially if they’re prolonged. Most power outages are caused by sleet storms, pounding rain, and/or high winds that end up damaging power lines and equipment. And lately in the west due to climate change- fires.  Often they occur unexpectedly; without warning, and you never really know how long you’ll have to be without electricity and are quite literally in the dark.

This is why it is generally a good idea to be prepared beforehand and keep all your essential power outage supplies handy to minimize the loss of work and keep everyone protected. Here’s a quick guide on the best products to have in case of a power outage to ensure everyone at your home can survive a power outage with minimum trouble and never have to be scared of the dark again. 

No power for cell phone, laptop,  lights or refrigeration - now what?

When there is a power outage, you will likely be left without lighting, heating, refrigeration, hot water, and even running tap water. If you have a cell phone and you run out of charge, you will be left without telephone service.

If you have a mobile phone or laptop, chances are the batteries will  die after a short  time. If you don’t have a battery-powered radio, you’ll probably have no way of monitoring the news broadcast. Needless to say, you are bound to face a lot of challenges when a power outage strikes, so it's essential to have a backup plan to protect your home and family. 

When people were asked about what they feared the most about a power outage, some of the things they mentioned were:

  • Losing cell phone power.
  • Losing computer/laptop power.
  • Losing refrigeration.
  • Losing lights. 

Luckily, GoSun offers a vast range of solar power products that are ideal for times like these when there is a power outage. With GoSun’s solar-powered products, you never have to worry about ruining your perishable and refrigerated items, running out of phone or laptop battery, or being scared of the dark again.

Having said that, let’s see how GoSun solar-powered products can help you overcome your fears and last a power breakdown without any worries. 

Best Product When Losing Cell Phone Power

Our mobile phones are the most convenient way of staying in touch. Therefore it is vital to keep your cell phones charged at all times. But what can you do when there is a power outage?

Sure, you can dim your phone’s brightness and put unnecessary apps on sleep mode to extend the battery life. Still, it’ll only last for a while before the battery dies out. But with GoSun’s Solar Phone Charger, you can easily charge your phone even if there's a power breakdown.

 Solar Charger for Cell Phones - I-phones, androids, and more

GoSun Solar Panel 10 is a solar phone charger that allows you to charge your phone without requiring electricity. Turns out this fantastic solar-powered device just needs the sun for charging all your devices. Simply connect any device via USB, keep it in the sun, and you can charge your phone just as quickly as your wall outlet charger. 



Portable and Lightweight

It is compact, deploys in mere seconds, and can easily be folded into a compact package. Also, it weighs less than a pound.

Easy to Hang

It comes with two clips, which you can easily hang onto your car or car shade. 

All Weather

It is suitable for all weather conditions. Be it wind, clouds, or  a heatwave, it will charge. 

A solar-powered phone charger like GoSun Solar Panel 10 is well-suited for emergencies. Moreover, it is not just ideal for times when there is a power outage; instead, it is also great for everyday use when traveling, camping or hiking.

Best Product when Losing Computer Power

When a power outage strikes, losing your computer power is one of  the worst things that can happen. But, when you have the GoSun Power 266 Portable Power Bank, you will never have to worry about losing computer power ever again, even during a power outage.

GoSun Power 266

GoSun Power 266 can fully charge phones, cameras, tablets, laptops,  and many other devices, granting you the complete freedom of portable power. You can just plug it in anywhere, anytime.


It can also charge  other  solar products, such as the GoSun Chill, GoSun Brew, and GoSun Fusion.


It is versatile and comes with a multi-port that supports the charging of numerous DC electronic devices directly. 


It is incredibly durable and has a rugged construction that can withstand the elements.


It is pretty long-lasting, with a useful life of more than 500 cycle charges.

  Fast Wireless Charging

It includes the powerful Qi charger that allows fast wireless charging and gives you the power to fully charge 22 mobile phones. 

With the GoSun Power 266w Portable Power Bank, you can basically power your life any way you want. It is an ideal product for keeping your phones and laptop charged during a power outage.  And also has a built in powerful energy efficient light.

You can recharge Power 266 from multiple power sources, including optional solar panels (in under 4 hours) when facing a power breakdown. 

Best Products When There are No Lights

Being stuck in pitch darkness during a power outage can scare even the most fearless ones out there. Still, having a reliable light source is one of the things that can be genuinely comforting when there is a prolonged power outage. GoSun provides many different solar power lighting products that can be of utmost use when there is a power breakdown. 

GoSun Solar Light

The GoSun Solar Light is a rechargeable solar-assisted flashlight that impressively packs 280 lumens of on-demand lighting. It comprises an integrated solar panel, which enables it to recharge slowly using just solar power.

Once you charge it, you won’t have to worry about charging it anytime soon, thanks to its impressive long battery life.

The GoSun Solar Light also features 3 different brightness modes, so you can simply toggle between a solar lantern mode, a red strobe emergency setting, and a spotlight ability. Moreover, it has a magnetic back allowing hands-free use. 

GoSun Solar Cabin Lights

Another solar power light product you can get is the GoSun Solar Cabin Lights, which is an off-grid solar lighting system. There’s no reason to fear the dark again, as GoSun Solar Cabin Lights can light up your homes, shed, workshop, and even the outdoors  during a power outage.

These fantastic solar lanterns can easily light up to 4 rooms or one big off-grid workshop. It also supports mobile phone charging through a USB output. GoSun Solar Cabin Lights come with 2 brightness modes, so you can toggle between bright and dim lighting, as required. It also provides easy setup, so all you have to do is plug in, and you’re all set to go. 

Best Product When  Losing Refrigeration

Usually, the first thing people do during a power outage is avoid opening the freezer or refrigerator door unnecessarily. This will keep the food stored in there from spoiling for as long as possible. However, if prolonged power breakdowns are usually a thing, you need to think of something else, like buying a solar-powered cooler.

GoSun Chill

The GoSun Chill is a solar cooler that does not require any ice. Instead, it can keep your food cold, dry, chilled, or frozen, and well-organized, all without ice. With the GoSun Chill, you never have to worry about spoiled food resulting from a power outage ever again.


Regulates Temperature

Its touch screen feature allows you to control the temperature between -4°F to 68°F.

Makes Ice

Instead of needing ice, the Chill uses the sun to make ice and not melt it.

Charge Devices

It includes the Powerbank 144 that allows you to charge all your devices and keeps the Chill powered day and night.

14+ Hour Runtime

The Power 144 provides a runtime of 14+ hours, keeping your Chill cool even on an 80°F day.

(with the optional solar panel, you can keep going almost indefinitely)

There is also a multi-modal power, meaning you’ve got multiple power sources to power the Chill. These include an AC adapter, 12v Cord (carport charger), Powerbank, Flexible Solar Panels, or Solar Table. Since this is a solar power cooler, you can easily charge it with the sun even during a power breakdown. 

GoSun Special Priced Packages

If you wish to get the entire bundle that covers all your basic needs, such as cell phone and computer power, refrigeration, and lighting, there's terrific news! GoSun is putting together an incredibly special-priced package for you.

It includes a portable power generator, GoSun Power 550 and a solar power cooler, the GoSun Chill so you can easily get power for your lights and electronics, charge your phone, and provide refrigeration or cold storage for your perishables. 

GoSun Power 550 

GoSun Power 550 is a compact solar generator that delivers power whenever and wherever you need it. It is power-packed with a significant amount of energy to run all your essential electronics and devices, like laptops, lights, cameras, phones, and CPAP machines.


In addition, it is fully optimized to power the entire line of GoSun super-efficient appliances and products. 

Power without Limits

This 550Wh Power Bank provides 550-watt hours of lithium-ion energy. It ensures you are facilitated with silent and reliable power to fulfill your essential needs without a power supply or when off-grid. 

Brilliant LED Light

It includes a 450 lumen LED light that is powerful enough to light up a room during a power breakdown.

Real-Time Display

GoSun Power 550 has an intuitive real-time display that shows accurate battery status regarding output and input wattage, along with the remaining battery percentage. 

Go Compact and Lightweight

Even though it’s only 7 kgs and 8-inches long, it is still mighty enough to run electronics, pumps, and fridges.

Three Ways to Charge

Besides the 12v DC and the wall-socket AC charging, one can also upgrade to a folding  solar power panel to own your own power plant and charge GoSun Power 550 in as little as 3 hours with the sun alone.

Wrapping Up

With the spectacular range of GoSun solar-powered products,  now, you no longer need to worry about power outages or be scared of the dark anymore. You’ll be thrilled to know there is a special flash sale going on.

So, if you’re interested in  special-priced packages like the GoSun Chill and GoSun Power 550, then hurry fast and save up to $300. Also, don’t forget to check out your favorite GoSun solar-powered product ovens, kitchens  and other solar appliances at factory direct prices.