Best Solar Companions For Your Solar Oven

Best Solar Companions For Your Solar Oven

A solar oven does a lot on its own, but it can do so much more when paired with other solar devices. Below are three items that go with any of GoSun's line of solar ovens (Sport, Fusion, Go, or Grill) and a brief explanation of why they're such a great match. 

The Pico (Solar Lighting )

GoSun's Fusion has been getting plenty of buzz for its ability to cook food with solar energy even when the Sun is down. But you still need to see what you're doing if solar night cooking is your thing. And those LED headlamps definitely don't use solar energy.
But the Sun King Pico does. This is a solar-panel powered light with a 360-degree tilt. The Pico is compact and reliable, providing up to 72 hours of light from a full charge. 
  • 5x brighter than kerosene
  • Integrated solar design
  • 72 hours of light on low mode

The Thermo

Want to make sure the food off your sun oven is cooked or grilled all the way? Thanks to the Thermo, all the guesswork is gone and you don't have to constantly take the food tray out, cut open meat to check, and lose valuable heat eat time. 

The Thermo includes hassle-free setup with an App, letting you check food temperature up to 300 feet way. The Thermo even sends an alert to your phone when your food is ready at your pre-selected temperature.


  • LCD Temperature Display Screen
  • Food Readiness Alert 
  • 10 Pre-Set Temperatures or Create your own Pre-Sets
  • Wireless Connected App (Available on Itunes App Store + Google Play Store)
  • Magnetic Stand + Cable Wrap
  • 40 Inch Probe Cable
  • 2 x AAA batteries included


The Flex


Need more juice for your Fusion or any other GoSun device? Here's the simplest, easiest way to produce even more solar power.  GoSun's 10 Watt Solar Phone Charger is a long lasting powerhouse that connects to anything with a standard USB connector (which is basically everything). Under full sunshine, the Flex charges about as fast as a typical 120V wall outlet charger. 


  • Folds in half for maximum portability (From 10.5'' x 13.7'' unfolded to 10.5'' x 7'' folded)
  • Fits devices and digital products that have a standard USB connector
  • Plastic laminated fabric for maximum durability and water resistance 
  • Charges steadily through USB outlet at up to 2 Amps to trickle charge directly via available solar power


Current Deals on All Three

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