Meet Portland's Own Bicycle-Mounted Mobile GoSun Kitchen

Meet Portland's Own Bicycle-Mounted Mobile GoSun Kitchen

GoSun stoves are all about portability, but what if you want to carry several of the solar ovens with you at once but don't' want to use a car?

There is a way to split the difference, and GoSun user Donald came up with an ingenious solution: building a bicycle-powered mobile GoSun kitchen. But he didn't just build it out of nothing. The design was an evolution from a bicycle-mounted charcoal grill. His story is one of creativity, problem-solving, and a love of zero-carbon cooking.

Here it is:

I first built the bicycle about 12 years ago and modeled it after one built in Portland OR, by a freak-bike club called Chunk666. I believe they modified theirs after they saw mine by lowering the seat and moving their pedals forward. This is a fairly recent pic of their FamilyTruxter.

Legend has it, they rode it in one or two of Portland's large critical mass rides, and with the help of a second bike and rider, were able to take orders, collect money, and serve burgers, while the ride was rolling!

They had a couple of narrow coolers strapped to the sides; mine had a different style gas-grill, which was also converted to charcoal-burning. It included a cooler bay, and the "ape-hangers" were brought down so a "bread-basket" could be put on them.

Eventually, I decided that I didn't want to burn charcoal anymore because I don't burn fossil fuels to heat my house, heat water, transport myself, or for any other reason. I figured, why burn anything to cook food?

Then I saw a friend's GoSun Sport, followed by seeing the Grill on Kickstarter, and figured that was the way to go. I cut the old gas/charcoal grill off my BBQ bike and replaced it with fold-out tables with space enough for four Sports.

I carry a separate small metal table for the Grill and a painted piece of plywood to ease turning. I also welded two eye-bolts above the rear-axle, & built a metal spike & front-wheel stand. The metal spike goes through the two eyelets and into the ground to hold up the rear, and then the whole bike can be dragged around by the front-wheel stand, to keep all four Sports pointed at the Sun (though I still have to adjust each of them vertically).

Here it is fully loaded for picnicking.

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