Business World Recognizes GoSun As Leader in Solar Energy Innovation

Business World Recognizes GoSun As Leader in Solar Energy Innovation

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With the growth of multi-billion dollar clean energy, battery, and carbon-neutral companies such as Tesla, First Solar, and BYD, analysts are taking a closer look than ever at businesses innovating in the world of solar energy. Among the hottest companies in this sector is Cincinnati-based GoSun, which has created and sold cutting-edge solar powered ovens, coolers, lights, water desalination systems, and much more.

GoSun earned $3.9M in revenue in 2020 alone, selling over 100,000 products in 70 countries. It is enjoying a rising tide in the solar energy industry, which is predict to grow 6,500% through 2050.

The tech industry is starting to notice. It was named a CES 2021 Innovation Awards Honoree by the Consumer Technology Association (CTA) for the Flow, a solar water purifier. The Flow uses solar energy to filter 99.99% of pathogens from water and can function as a portable handwashing station, hot shower, and a source of clean drinking water, to name just a few of the options.

Others have praised GoSun for the versatility of its product lineup. They can be used in multiple climate zones and weather conditions. Boy Scouts camping above the tree line in the Rocky Mountains can cook dinner on the GoSun Fusion when no firewood can be found. The stoves let families in developing nations without electricity cook dinner (as it has done for many Guatemalan families). It even let Australians living off-grid make dinner during the wildfires of 2020.

Because of the versatility of its products, investors are supporting GoSun's crowdfunding efforts on Start Engine . They see GoSun as being exceptionally well placed to address the challenges of climate change in the twenty-first century and the need to transfer all our appliances to carbon-neutral status.

The press and industry leaders have praised GoSun for its innovation, including Top Chef, the Science Channel's All American Makers, and The Henry Ford's Innovation Nation. GoSun has worked with the Global Alliance of Clean Cookstoves, a public-private initiative operating under the support of the United Nations Foundation, and led a six-month pilot study in Guatemala to determine the best methods of introducing the practical solar cooking device into emerging communities. 


Here are some press highlights. Gadgetflow raved about the GoSun Chillest solar-powered cooler, a fridge powered by a 20-watt solar pane that can chill anything to the exact temperature of your choosing between -4º F and 68º F. They love the Chillest for its incredible tech, power, and versatility in any situation.

Amazingly, it takes fewer than 30 minutes to reach the temperature you select! With two separate compartments, the Chillest has a spot designated as a fridge and another one for freezing. Additionally, the Chillest has an internal battery that lasts up to ten hours, and you can supplement it with an external battery that offers 30 hours more. If you don’t have enough sun to keep it powered, simply plug it into your car’s 12V or AC adapter. Finally, it even has a built-in Bluetooth speaker!

Another product that has been turning heads is the GoSun Sizzle. This is GoSun's new solar oven, and it involves a pair of large parabolic reflectors that concentrate solar rays into an insulated vacuum tube, where the trapped heat cooks up the food inside.

The Sizzle has a power output of 325 W under full sunshine and can cook enough food to feed a family of five within 30 minutes. It even works in cloudy weather or at night: a built-in heating element can be hooked up to a 12-volt power source to bring the tube up to temperature.

New Atlas recognized the Sizzle as the culmination of nearly a decade of incredible research and engineer of GoSun to built a fuel-free frontier.

For eight years or so, GoSun has been offering outdoor enthusiasts clean ways of cooking up their meals through a range of solar-powered stoves, grills and ovens. Its latest and greatest is billed as its fastest and most powerful yet, enabling it to reach fire-like temperatures, while creating no smoke or emissions.

GoSun is run by CEO Patrick Sherwin and Director of Business Development Gary Starr. It has grown by leaps and bounds in less than a decade and has had nine successful product launches, landing it in the top 1% of all crowdfunding innovators.

There is much in store for the future. GoSun is developing a solar-powered generator that will provide backup power in the event of power outages or grid failure. They require no gasoline and run silently, unlike the noisy generators that belch out toxins. They will be able to charge phones, lights, laptops, tablets, and other devices.