Camping On The Rise

Camping On The Rise

Demand for campgrounds increases in 2023

Everyone is going camping these days, young and old. According to Campspot, there's been a 130% increase in reservation demand in January of this year compared to January 2022. Read more here:

More and more people are seeking vacation and family time outdoors and we don't blame them. The way we see in at GoSun, people don't go to the woods to "rough it", we go there to smooth things out, we get it rough enough in the city. 

Along with the growing popularity of camping, GoSun launched the world's most efficient, solar powered camper back in June 2022. We've since shipped 15 campers to happy customers all over the incredible North American continent. You may want to take a closer look at GoSun Camp365.



GoSun's new Solar Backpack gets rave reviews and great sales

Last week we launched a new solar powered backpack that fits many of GoSun's core products. The initial response was better than expected as we sold over a one hundred backpacks in the first few days. 

At GoSun, we refuse to use fear based marketing as a sales tactic, instead we prefer to be optimistic about the future (which is full of solar power).  That said, still many of our customers were motivated by the Backpack's "Bug-Out" capabilities in case things change for the worse. Designed by an Eagle Scout, we do like to "Always Be Prepared."