Choosing the Right Solar Lantern

January 21, 2021 2 min read

Choosing the Right Solar Lantern

If you want to stay overnight in the outdoors, or worse, you get unintentionally stuck in nature without meaning too, a solar lantern can be one of the safest, most reliable sources of illumination to have on hand. Never worry about running out of batteries at the worst possible moment. 

A solar lantern is a lighting system that includes an LED lamp, solar panels, a battery, a charge controller, and possibly an inverter. It charges through the use of solar photovoltaic panels. It replaces inferior lighting sources like candles, kerosene lamps, or bulky flashlights that require D-cell batteries. Because of the simplicity of their design, solar lamps have low operating costs. They also produce no indoor air pollution and don't risk starting fires, like kerosene lamps do. 

Better yet, high tech solar lamps (like GoSun's) can serve as an electrical supply for other devices. That means you never have to worry about your phones running out of charge. As long as they are USB-compatible, most of GoSun's solar lamps can charge them. Scroll down to see more of our offerings. 

Solar Cabin Lights


Light your home, cabin, workshop, shed or outdoors with this Solar Lighting System. These solar lanterns can light up to four rooms or one large off-grid workshop. Mobile phone charging is supported via USB output.

It comes with a solar control box, 8W solar panel, four lamps, and a power cable.

Material: Polycrystalline (Solar Panel) Plastic (Housing)

Power Output: 8W

Ports: USB (1x)

Power source: Solar

Light: 600 lumens (150 per lamp)

Shop GoSun's Solar Cabin Lights➞


Solar Lamp 50

This portable solar light provides 50 lumen of light. The lower setting provides 20 lumens of light for more than 6 hours; a perfect solar lantern which is ideal for reading, cooking or lighting up your home.

  - Weighs only 6 ounces - great for backpacking and camping

  - 1 full day of sunshine will completely recharge the battery

Tech Specs:



Power source



50 lumens (Mode 1)

20 lumens (Mode 2)


Shop Solar Lamp 50➞


The Solar Flashlight


To drive home the point of how great solar lanterns are, here's a video showing the difference between a hand-cranked camping lantern and a solar lantern (although it isn't a GoSun lantern, so buyer beware!)


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