Climate Change and Impact Investment Opportunities

Climate Change and Impact Investment Opportunities

The incidences related to climate change are increasing worldwide, and it’s becoming obvious now that we all need to take action.  People, communities, religious groups, schools, cities, companies, and all kinds of organizations have already started taking concrete actions against this growing concern. 

Consequently, many investors have joined in the combat for a better planet. Climate change conscious investments are a significant way that individuals and corporations can bring about a change. Fortunately, several climate change impact investment opportunities are being presented to make this possible. 

How to Fight Climate Change

Climate change is causing an entire list of the most devastating global problems, most of which we are entirely unaware of. Do you notice the extent to which the world is facing intense and frequent weather changes, never-ending periods of droughts, escalating sea levels, and extinction of numerous plant and animal species?

These effects are not just a threat to the global species and current generation, but also to the forthcoming generations to come. 

According to the United Nations, we are now standing at a “Code Red.” There is barely less than a decade left for the President of the United States to confront this global level crisis. Therefore, the need to fight climate change is more crucial now than ever.  

The Social Impact Investor Report claims that over 60% of early-stage entrepreneurs in the United States quote a desire to bring about a significant and positive impact. But the question is, “What qualifies start-ups as having a social impact?”

Though social impact has been associated with nonprofits, many for-profit companies have also grown into this space. As of 2020, social influence has $286 billion in assets under management. This vast number is anticipated to rise more in the coming years, as consumers are eager to spend dollars on firms trying to make a positive impact. 

In the United States, an average individual produces 16 tons of carbon emissions annually, almost four times that of a standard car and the global average. An average person should strive to cut down their carbon emissions footprint to 2 tons. Only then will all of us be able to effectively hold off a disastrous event of global warming.

For this reason, several people are joining the efforts made by the government to revert these issues. As an individual, you can do a lot of things you probably did not even think were possible to cut down your household carbon emissions, such as:

  • Consume less meat and more plant-based foods.
  • Waste less food and water
  • Use carpool or mass transit
  • Drive more efficiently
  • Recycle
  • Switch to green power
  • Switch to solar-powered products

As an investor, you can participate actively or passively in climate change investment. Initially, you can start using products and services from brands that endorse environmental protection, recycling, and sustainability.

With time, you can add mutual funds, stocks and bonds, ETFs, and various other investment products to your portfolio from such firms.

Have a look at your personal investments, retirement plans, mutual funds, and stocks to see if you have a financial stake in any carbon polluting companies. If you do, it is time to divest from those companies and invest your money in clean energy stocks and renewables.

Impact Investment Opportunities to Help You Fight Climate Change

If you wish to start investing in cleantech start-ups, currently has three companies under its platform that create and offer an expansive range of environment-friendly products with excellent growth potential. Let’s look at these three companies. 

1. GoSun Inc. 

We all are aware the solar is the future of this world, and GoSun is successfully leading the fuel-free frontier. Now is still not too late to turn things around. Switch to a fuel-efficient electric vehicle and make your home and office more energy-efficient by procuring and using solar-powered products.

GoSun offers energy-efficient  solar-powered appliances and products, and using them can take you one step ahead in playing your part in fighting climate change. GoSun aims to provide portable power for individuals who wish to live healthier, more resilient, and independent lives.

In a relatively short amount of time, GoSun has developed cutting-edge solar technologies that meet all your essential needs, produce no emissions, and perform much better than the present-day outdoor gear.

Reasons to Invest

  • The Outdoor Recreation Industry is ready for a 2.0 type It accounted for $459.8B in 2019, and it has continued to escalate remarkably throughout 2020 and 2021. Solar and Climate Change Investments are becoming incredibly viral and more than doubled. 
  • GoSun takes great pride in having a proven track record of growth and earning almost $3.9 million in revenue in 2020. Altogether, the company has sold more than 100,000 products across 70 countries and marked a 109% increase in sales over 2019. 
  • With numerous successful exits and public IPO’s, the skilled team has created a process for introducing innovative products that support all your needs with renewable energy. 

Having said that, GoSun fulfills the rise in solar energy to meet your everyday needs. It is quickly becoming a popular household name that offers reliable and portable solar-powered products for home use, traveling, emergencies, and off-grid applications.

The solar-powered products offered by GoSun are incredibly easy to use, enjoyable, and work so much better than your conventional products. GoSun’s brilliant range of solar-powered products allow individuals to:

  • Live healthier:Fewer carcinogens, more nutrients.
  • Save money:A sustainable energy source saves resources, money, and time.
  • Prepare for change: Create flexibility with accessible and more versatile power sources.
  • Help the climate:Solar power drastically reduces the environmental impact.
  • Thrive off-grid:You can use these products even during power outages.
  • Avoid messes:No more wastage, no melting ice, and no smoke.

GoSun also donates a sum of money each year for planting trees annually, which is one of the most effective approaches to combat climate change. Till now, GoSun has planted over 50,000+ trees.

With Start Engine, you can invest in Gosun for as little as $250.

See how here:

2. StorEn Technologies, Inc.

If you are looking for a 100% recyclable, safe, long-lasting, and affordable means of energy storage, then StorEn is here to answer the call. StorEn is another venture of StartEngine that has developed evolutionary  vanadium flow batteries to transform the world of industrial and residential energy storage.

Their proprietary all-vanadium flow energy storage battery technology is known to deliver the world’s lowest cost per cycle, up to 8 times lower than lithium-ion batteries. A StorEn battery module works collaboratively with the solar system.

The solar panels placed in your home or office will capture energy from the sun during the day. This energy will then charge the battery while powering your home or office simultaneously. The battery will take over during the night, provide consistent green energy, and maximize your dependability on the solar system. 

Reasons to Invest

  • StorEn has successfully raised more than $1.7 million from over 2,400 investors on StartEngine alongside venture capital from ANYSEED Fund.
  • It secured its first order from Australia for $500k and delivered its first-ever battery in the first quarter of 2020 to Brisbane, with additional units being manufactured. 
  • Four patents are drawn-out globally in the PCT National Phase, protecting their unique ID in all the major countries and regions worldwide. 

With an aim of bringing battery storage into the 21st century, this cutting-edge technology offers outstanding performance at a reasonably low cost, providing safer, more efficient, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly means of energy storage.

With over 15k cycles and an impressive battery life of 25 years, StorEn’s batteries are bound to satisfy the rising market demand for durable, efficient, and economical energy storage, allowing the consumption of self-produced electricity and a smooth and easy transition towards a carbon-free economy.  

Unlike the other batteries (like lithium and lead-acid) that do not get the job done, StorEn Vanadium flow batteries are:

  • Safe: Non-flammable and non-explosive
  • Efficient: +5% Round-Trip efficiency in the harsh climate and +35% in energy storage with the same volume
  • Eco-Friendly: 100% reusable electrolyte, 100% recyclable, non-pollutant, low GHGs emissions, and reduce mining!
  • Cost-Effective: Cost/kWh is comparable to lithium batteries, but Cost/Cycle is up to 4 times lower than lithium batteries.


With Start Engine, you can invest in StorEn for as little as $480.

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3. Flower Turbines

Until now, the renewable energy market's small wind sector has been lagging behind solar power. There are possibly some problems that are preventing this sector from touching the trillion-dollar mark. 

  • Usually, high efficiency and low noise don’t go well since most small wind solutions have to give up on one of these two fronts. Hence, this makes them unfeasible for the majority of the areas where people dwell and work. 
  • Wind turbines can’t be placed without meddling with each other’s flow of wind. 
  • There can be other problems such as the wind turbine’s physical appearance, birds' safety, and cost-efficiency. 

Flower Turbines  has built innovative, sleek, and efficient  small wind turbines with a primary objective to make them the foundation of a vast international renewable energy company.  

Reasons to Invest   

  • One small wind turbine boosts productivity by 20 to 50% when they are positioned closely together.
  • The first $1 million investment allowed Flower Turbines to expand engineering and patents and manufacture numerous versions and sizes. Moreover, it enabled them to develop a critical team mass in the European market and expand their product line to a swiftly growing sector of electric vehicle (EV) charging. 
  • They have a strong IP portfolio with many patents pending and granted in numerous countries.
  • There are two oversubscribed StartEngine campaigns with Reg CF, and it is named one of the top 10 fundable companies in the United States. 

Flower Turbines addresses these problems of former times with groundbreaking technological improvements. These turbines have more efficiency, less turbulence, and work harmoniously so that nobody possibly even imagined a vertical axis drag-type turbine could.

The company is also engaging the market by linking with them an extraordinary design. What’s even better is that Flower Turbines accompany solar wonderfully because using wind and solar power together means greater energy during a daily and seasonal cycle. This ultimately helps in saving on pricey battery storage

With Start Engine, you can invest in Flower Turbines for as little as $560.

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Wrapping Up

By shifting to more energy-efficient, plastic-free, and sustainable products and approaching a greener, more eco-friendly way of doing things, you can actually make a massive difference and prevent any further negative impacts of climate change.

If possible, start investing in non-carbon polluting companies, look at a crowd funding place like  StartEngine Become a part of their portfolio of companies to help them in their mission of making the world a better, cleaner, and healthier living place. 

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