Combat Climate Change with GoSun Energy-Efficient Appliances

Combat Climate Change with GoSun Energy-Efficient Appliances


According to the director of International Climate Change, Kate Hughes, and the UK department for business, energy, and industrial strategy, it is crucial that the appliance energy efficiency must be prioritized at the top of the list if we are to combat the gradual change in the climate.

The usage of air conditioners, electric vehicles, refrigerators, and lightning alone sums up to 40% of the global electricity usage and consumption. If we double the efficiency of all of these items, we can cut the electricity demand by 30000 TWh by 2030. The efficiency and the power saved by using energy-efficient appliances can be equivalent to the total electricity generated by 1500 coal-powered plants, and by doing so, we can avoid 13 GT of the CO2 emissions.

If you want to make a considerable difference in climatic change, you should consider investing in energy-efficient appliances. GoSun is perhaps the most energy-efficient appliance maker in the world. The appliances made by GoSun can easily be used in recreational activities and are marked as safe by experts for recreational use. These activities can range from picnicking, RV-ing, camping, and boating.

Do you know that by incorporating the below-mentioned appliances, you can combat climate change at a faster pace?

Here are some of the most energy-efficient appliances that are worth investing in if you want to make an individual difference in combating global climate change.

GoSun Solar Oven

GoSun Ovens are gaining more popularity across the globe not because of their efficiency but because of their convenience too. Due to the space-age design and high efficiency, these solar cookers can consume up to 100 times less energy than ordinary conventional ovens. Most of the electric ovens consume and operate between 1500 to 5000 watts, while the average electric stove wattage is about 3000 watts, (even a toaster oven is 1500 watts)  the GoSun Oven goes only needs 15 (GoSun Go) to 90 watts (GoSun Fusion).

Because of the proprietary patented vacuum tube design, GoSun Ovens are among the most powerful solar ovens that any company has ever produced. You can check the results here.

If we compare the GoSun Thermal type Solar Ovens to PV panels powered electric ovens, we can clearly see that because of the vacuum tube design they can perform 2 to 3 times better than other solar or electric-only ovens. That is why to save money and time and to fight off global climate change further, you should  invest in GoSun Ovens.  GoSun also has a hybrid solar oven, the Fusion, to keep cooking even at night.


Gosun Solar Coolers

The GoSun Coolers are all about energy efficiency. Due to its brushless compressor, good insulation, and solar reflective top color, these products max out at consuming 40 watts compared to  conventional refrigerators, which can eat up 20 times more power. The GoSun coolers can be powered directly from the sun using a solar panel and a powerbank to keep your food cold.

The GoSun Chillest is a solar cooler that also comes with an optional portable solar table that encompasses a built-in solar photovoltaic panel and has a built-in internal battery system. The best thing about the solar cooler is that no ice is needed. Say goodbye to driving into town to re-up on ice. Indeed it can make its own ice! If you want to combat climate change and are interested in purchasing a new cooler, the GoSun Cooler should be your perfect choice.

GoSun Solar Water Purifier - Flow

The GoSun Flow is another innovation that the company has produced. It is a solar water purifying system that doesn't need hand pumping, sucking, gravity, or chemical usage to clean the water. It utilizes an energy efficient USB-powered pump and filters out 99.9 percent of the pathogens from water, including bacteria, viruses, and many chemicals.

The GoSun Flow pump can easily be used by connecting it directly to its built-in solar carrying case or can be run by the power bank that comes with the whole solar water purification system. The GoSun Flow comes with an optional faucet system that includes a clamp which can be used to for hand washing or a shower!

What are the benefits of using energy-efficient appliances?

Due to the advancement in technology and the human desire for modernity, households have become one of the largest contributors to hazardous greenhouse gases. Because of the presence of non-eco-friendly appliances at home, climate change is becoming more real than ever. That is why it is ideal that you take advantage of the currently popular and energy-efficient GoSun Appliances that are using eco-friendly tools to reduce the risks related to climate change and are currently fighting to reduce the emission of carbon footprint.

By investing your money in the above-mentioned appliances, you can benefit yourself and the whole world. That said, here are the most important benefits that you will get by using energy-efficient home appliances.

Energy-Efficient Appliances Help Prevent Greenhouse Emissions

Greenhouse gases are currently the largest factor behind the surge in global warming and the overall climatic change. Because of these harmful gases, heat is currently being trapped in the atmosphere as these gases absorb infrared radiation. All of this adds up to climate change, and that is why the temperature of the earth is rising at a faster pace than it ever has in history. Additionally, due to the constant burning of fossil fuels, the carbon dioxide releases up into the atmosphere causing the solar radiation to absorb directly into the atmosphere while disallowing it to dissipate.

That is why the use of energy-efficient appliances can help you play a part against global warming and climate change. On the plus side, it is also cost-friendly and convenient.

These appliances help in saving water.

The survival of humans depends on water, and that is why conserving water should be everyone's responsibility. That is why you should also become part of a chain and help keep the water pure and safe for everyone. That is why the best thing you can do to play your part is to use home appliances that don't use heavy amounts of water and energy. Because of the excessive demand for energy from every household, electricity costs are increasing every year. Therefore, to save water and energy both at the same time, you must invest in energy-efficient appliances such as water purifiers and pumps.

Water Conservation | Ohio Department of Natural Resources

Energy-efficient appliances are cost-friendly

Along with the prevention of greenhouse emissions and conserving water, energy-efficient appliances can also allow you to save money by decreasing the overall electricity costs and the bills attached. To do so, consider purchasing appliances that can cut your electricity costs significantly. Purchasing a GoSun Oven, refrigerator, and water purifier can be a great way to cut electricity costs.

Because of these home appliances, you will see a drastic change in your lifestyle too.

Energy-efficient appliances can enhance the overall quality of life

Energy-efficient appliances play a crucial role in enhancing the overall quality of your life. Using these appliances can make your life convenient and easier. The GoSun solar ovens never need fuel, the GoSun solar coolers never need ice, and the GoSun flow solar water purifiers never need chemicals.

By using these energy-efficient appliances, you can provide vey positive effects on the environment. On top of that, these appliances don't pump out extra waste heat or emissions, meaning that your house will be a lot more comfortable for you, and you will breathe cleaner air. Using the GoSun appliances can be an ideal way to improve the overall quality of life  - no need to buy fuel, ice, and no pollutants.

Energy-efficient appliances help in the reduction of carbon footprint

Carbon footprint is actually the number of carbon compounds emitted because of the consumption of fossil fuels from the home or industrial appliances. These carbon compounds can then trap the sun's heat from leaving the atmosphere, hence become a major cause of climate change.

However, you can help in reducing the overall carbon footprint and the emission of other poisonous greenhouse gases by starting the usage of energy-efficient home appliances. Because of their low emissions of harmful gases, consumers can help decrease the effect of climate change easily.

On top of that, the air pollution, carbon dioxide, and other harmful gases are causing irreparable harm to the environment. That is why the reduction of carbon footprint has become necessary.

Bottom Line

If you are keen on making a huge difference in climate change, then you really should consider purchasing energy-efficient appliances, and preferably GoSun Appliances. It is recommended that you should go for GoSun because their appliances are energy efficient and run off of the sun, not from propane, charcoal, diesel, or the electric grid.

GoSun manufactures solar appliances for everyday recreation and which provide resilience and independence. Using only the sun enables consumers to cook, cool, charge tech necessities like mobile phones and laptops, power, and purify water. The UN has recently called climate change a code red for humanity. Hurricanes and wildfires are leaving millions without power, and it is clear the time for GoSun products is now, with their innovative, patented technology that provides life-changing and possibly lifesaving solutions.

There are a whole lot of benefits when you chose to go towards energy-efficiency. Using energy-efficient appliances doesn't mean that you will be just saving money, but you will be playing a major role in stopping the adverse effect of climate change. Additionally, because of the constant demand for electricity form conventional household appliances, the carbon footprint is increasing day by day. Therefore experts from all over the world recommend using efficient appliances. It is one of the best ways to preserve the earth for the generations to come. Book your order now or contact us for more details. Do you part! Help save the earth !  Go to

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