Finding an Easy Solar Cooker: The Convenience of GoSun

Finding an Easy Solar Cooker: The Convenience of GoSun

If you are interested in getting into solar cooking, finding an easy solar cooker is critical. In an age of life on the go, convenience and mobility are everything. When you add children in the mix, simplicity is added on top of that which is precisely what GoSun's solar cooking line of products offer, convenience, mobility and simplicity.

The GoSun Sport and Solar Dogger offer cooking convenience like none before; really, you can't find any more of an easy solar cooker. There's no lighters, charcoal, cumbersome grill or mess to create a nice hot meal for you and your family and friends. It is small enough, clean enough and simple enough to securely stow away in the trunk of your car and to be ready to go for whenever you find yourself out on the run with the kids, on the way to tailgate with friends or ready for a hot lunch out at the job site. The GoSun is ready to go to make your life that much easier. With effective cooking temperatures reached within 20 minutes of full sun and requiring minimal attention to create a tasty hot meal, there's no other way more convenient to make a hot meal that's ready to go in such a small, safe and convenient cooking device. It is virtually a portable off grid microwave or toaster oven. 

The Convenience of the Sun: Because of GoSun's solar fueled technology, you are ready to go on any sunny day and even on some overcast days. Since it is powered primarily by the Sun's UV rays, the one's you still have to watch out for on cloudy day, it can capture enough heat over time to still cook a meal. GoSun thinks first and foremost of what makes an easy solar cooker.

Simplicity: You'll never need to worry about fuel again. Your GoSun is ready to go anytime. There's no fuel canisters, bags of charcoal, lighter fluid or lighters to worry about, all you need is you stove and the sun.

Mobility: The size and weight of GoSun's Sport and Solar Dogger make it extremely convenient to prepare you next meal on the go. Because the tray is designed for the Stove you won't need to worry about separate pots or pans, much less, fuel tanks, charcoal or lighters to carry, just the Stove itself. Their size make it easy to get it out and about to enjoy a beautiful sunny day.

Efficiency: Because of the revolutionary technology GoSun utilizes, the evacuated Solar Tube, it is able to capture sunlight and turn it into useable heat in no time at all, reaching 500 degrees F or more in 20-30 minutes means that you food is ready to in no time. 

This investment in simplicity, convenience and mobility is creating a major impact around the globe and a perfect item for those who want an easy solar cooker. Saving fossil fuel, forests and your time all to make a better world. 


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