Don't Use Candles During a Power Outage. Do This Instead

Don't Use Candles During a Power Outage. Do This Instead

When the power goes out, the first instinct is to light up some candles for easy illumination. (Many across California did this during their backouts in 2019, when more than 2 million lost power, and others are doing it in the snow storms of 2021 ). It's a quick, easy way to light up the darkness, and provides a quaint, 19th-century vibe.

It's also one of the worst fire hazards and a major cause of death in a power outage. 

"Candles are wonderful, but they tip over, and they can cause a fire,” says Jim Judge, EMT-P, CEM, member of the American Red Cross Scientific Advisory. They also don’t provide strong light."

Moreover, candles are a fire hazard to more than just you and your household.

People could tip the candles and start a fire in their homes,” said Cynthia Shaw, a Red Cross spokeswoman. “With the winds, that fire could spread to multiple homes very quickly.”

A Superior Alternative To Candles: Solar Lights

We at GoSun believe that a far better alternative are solar-powered lights. They are very inexpensive and last for hours.  They are bright, reliable, and don't ignite anything. They provide up to 72 hours of light on low mode. 

Two great solar lights to use in a pinch are the Solar Lamp and GoSun's Solar Flashlight. The Solar Lamp 50 gets its name from its 50 lumen of light. If you don't need that much, the lower setting provides 20 lumens of light for more than 6 hours, which for the vast majority of people is plenty of light for the period after sundown until you rest. It's ideal for reading, cooking or lighting up your home.

 The Solar Lamp 50 weighs only 6 ounces, making it great for backpacking and camping. And it'll work indefinitely because it only requires one full day of sunshine to completely recharge the battery

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The Solar Light is a rechargeable flashlight that rivals the best headlamps out there for raw illumination. It packs 280 lumens of on-demand light. It can be recharged with solar energy alone thanks to its integrated solar cell, but you can also plug it into power banks with its USB cord.

There are different settings on the flashlight: lantern mode, spotlight mode, and red strobe emergency mode. If you want to hang it up, it has a magnetic strip for hand's free use.

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Backup Energy Storage For Your Solar Lights

Most home solar systems have no storage for extra electricity accumulated throughout the day. Companies will tell you that "the grid is your battery.” What that means is that you pull any excess power need from the same sources as those without solar. At the same time, the electric companies also use and pay you for your excess electricity as part of net metering. 

If you add batteries or capacitors to your system, you can keep your excess electricity and access it at night or during a power emergency. Any electrician or solar panel expert can install these.

Better yet, the GoSun Powerbank provides you days of backup power for your lights and it's ready to charge or be charged, right out of the box. 

This mini battery bank packs a big punch. It's perfect for power outages or travel. Combined with our 10-watt solar panel, you will never have to worry about being out of charge again, because it's always with you.

  • Charging Time: 4 - 5 days of full sun
  • Includes an emergency LED torch and hidden dual USB/micro charging ports
  • Includes USB power charging cord for non-solar charging

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