Earth Day Activities: Pair April 22 With Solar Energy & GoSun

Earth Day Activities: Pair April 22 With Solar Energy & GoSun

April 22 is Earth Day, so what is one of the easiest Earth Day activities you can get involved in to help out the Earth? One of the best, but most overlooked, ways is to find a better way to cook.

Some three billion people worldwide rely on dung, wood and charcoal to cook their food--with catastrophic effects on the environment

Residential solid fuel burning accounts for 25% of global black carbon emissions, about 84% of which is from households in developing countries.  In South Asia for example, where more than half of black carbon particles come from cookstoves, black carbon also disrupts the monsoon and accelerates melting of the Himalayan-Tibetan glaciers.  As a result, water availability and food security are threatened for millions of people. These problems are compounded by crop damage from ozone produced in part by cookstove emissions and from surface dimming, as airborne black carbon intercepts sunlight.

But solar cookers can conservatively save two metric ton of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions per year per household. And the GoSun Fusion is the most technologically advanced solar cooker on the market.

 GoSun was awarded the prestigious CES 2019 Climate Change Innovator Award by the Consumer Technology Association for its latest launch, the GoSun Fusion. The hybrid solar cooker is the world's first portable, electric oven to work off-grid – the most resourceful source clean-energy available.

The GoSun Fusion is five times more efficient than anything else on the market, through

  1. reduced power consumption
  2. reduced weight
  3. deployment of off-grid solar energy, including a back-up rechargeable lithium-ion battery power bank and
  4. a drastic reduction in greenhouse gas emissions with zero need for fuel.

Most recently, at the Youth Resiliency Waters Middle School of  Portsmouth calculated that if people used a solar cooker only once a year, that would save as much energy as turning off 720 light bulbs for an hour, officials said.

“They also really like that it gives people a chance to cook and boil water in a natural disaster,” said Marlee Fuller-Morris of the Elizabeth River Project.

A free book on why solar cooking is Important to the Earth is available from Amazon here

You can get hands on immediately with Earth Day activities by ordering your own solar cooker at

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