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    Eco Friendly Dinnerware: Introducing GoSun Flatware

    December 02, 2019 2 min read

    One of the worst sources of plastic clogging up Earth's oceans is single-use plastic wear (Americans throw away 322 on average a year). Billions of plastic knives, spoons, and forks are thrown away each year for no good reason because durable cutlery exists in every house and restaurant on earth. But they aren't affordable or convenient.

    Plastic utensils are tremendously wasteful, but we often don't have a choice. They're usually the only option at parties, events or salad bars. Reusable utensils exist, but they are large and impractical to carry around with you.

    So, we got to thinking..... what if there was a full-size, reusable cutlery set that was effortless to carry? What if it was so thin that it could even fit into your wallet? What if there was eco-friendly dinnerwear that combined the convenience of single-use cutlery with the sustainability of traditional flatware?

    Now there is. GoSun, which has made incredible solar cookers and solar coolersfor years, is pleased to announce GoSun Flatware, a set of reusable utensils that fit in your wallet, purse, or pocket. They are durable, clean, and ultra-portable. 

     This eco-friendly dinnerware replaces single-use plastic utensils. It's the only reusable utensil set that can actually fit into your wallet, so you don't need to remember to bring it with you. With Flatware, you'll never have to reach for the single-use plastic again.

    Protecting you from unwanted grease, these self-contained utensils are able to travel with you anywhere.  Flatware is great for eating on-the-go: cafe, salad bar, campsite, event, cafeteria, carryout, and the list goes on.

    Flatware is simple to use - just pop it out of its case, slide the utensil out and lock it in place. When you're finished eating, simply clean them off and stow away.

    Flatware is:

    • Effortless: Flatware fits in your wallet, purse or pocket so that it's effortless to bring with you on-the-go!
    • Self-Contained: When packed away, the utensils are fully contained so they won't contaminate your belongings.
    • Super Clean: The stainless steel fork & knife remove completely from their handles for easy cleanup. Flatware is 100% dishwasher safe.
    • Zero Waste: Flatware is designed to last so that you'll never have to reach for the single-use plastic again!
    • Lightweight and Ultra-Portable: 3.5 credit cards in size and weighs 1.4 ounces (40 grams).

    Flatware is made from 301 Stainless Steel - the same material that is used on today's rocket ship craft. It is lightweight, beautiful and virtually indestructible. Please back this project, we know you'll love it.

    This product is GoSun's seventh crowdfunded productGoSun has developed breakthrough solar technologies that can cook, cool, light or charge your electronics. All of our products are portable, highly efficient and free of harmful emissions.

    Click here to order. 

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